Fashion build up confidence for Zendaya

25 Apr 2016

Fashion build up confidence for Zendaya

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Singer-actress Zendaya is able to express herself through her fashion sense and says she no longer cares what people think of her and her style choices.

"Fashion allows me to have fun. It allows me to be creative. It has allowed me to have more confidence," Zendaya was quoted as saying by fashion-industry trade journal, WWD, reports

Fashion build up confidence for Zendaya
"When you look at fashion, some people see it as a very materialistic thing, but to me it's become a way to not be afraid of being myself and to care more about my opinion than anyone else's. That's why I go out and wear whatever I want because I'm really not concerned with the opinions of other people. It's very empowering," she added.

Meanwhile, the "Shake it up" star is planning to release her new footwear collection, Daya by Zendaya, later this Spring and is keen to make shoes that can be worn by everyone.
She said: "We kind of wanted to create classic silhouettes and things that I think everyone would be into while also making them a little bit different, [to add] a little bit of edge and our own personal touch".

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