Thursday, 12 May 2016

Clothing brand to highlight social issues in society

To address burning social issues in the country, clothing brand Denizen has used three dimensional animation to make a comic series on apparels with characters that depict the youth.

The target audience of the brand is the forward-thinking individuals who understand the rights and wrongs and the need for the country.

Clothing brand to highlight social issues in societyThe comic series have illustrations which come with three lead characters, wearing Denizen outfits, read a statement

The story revolves around three characters Daniyal, Mikael and Natasha who come from different walks of life and become the best of friends due to their common interest in bringing a positive change in the society without breaching the law. 

The characters are young students, who are not super heroes but are common people with their own individual strengths.

The comic series touches subjects like beggar mafia, child labour, mugging in broad daylight and robberies etc. 

The Brand intends to generate activities around distributing these comic strips in schools and colleges in order to develop deeper understanding of the issues among the younger generation and spreading the message across.

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