Eat less to boost your sex life

9 May 2016

Eat less to boost your sex life

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If you are calorie conscious and have kept your meals to the healthier side to shed those extra kilos, cheer as there is another, bigger reason to do so - better action between the sheets.

According to an interesting study, eating less can not only help people lose weight, calorie restriction can improve mood and cut tension, leading to super sex drive. 

eat-less-to-boost-your-sex-lifeTo reach this conclusion, researchers from the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre in Louisiana analysed the diets of 218 healthy adults who were followed for two years.

They were devided into two groups. One group was randomly assigned to cut their calorie intake by 25 percent.

The other group went on with the regular diet. 

One of the researchers Corby Martin found that the calorie-restriction group reported improved mood and sex drive, reported.
The calorie-restriction group also lost weight and enjoyed better sleep.
Calorie restriction among primarily overweight and obese persons has been found to improve sleep and sexual function. 
"The results of the present study indicate that two years of calorie restriction is unlikely to negatively affect these factors in healthy adults,” the authors wrote in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

A recent study found that staying with a spouse who is a light eater, especially at night, will decide whether you will follow your partner's footsteps and shed some extra kilos faster than ever.

According to the researchers from University of New South Wales's school of psychology, how much food your dining companion eats can have a big influence on how much you consume and eventually lose weight and have a healthy relationship.

This psychological effect, known as social modelling, leads people to eat less than they normally would if alone when their companion consumes a small amount of food. 

The effect appears to be stronger in women than men. 

“This may be because women tend to be more concerned about how they are viewed by others when they are eating,” said the study published in the journal Social Influence.

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