Thursday, 19 May 2016

Guys, add glam to your look with studs

From ditching the mundane white studs to playing with different shapes, it is time for males to up their style quotient with men's jewellery, says an expert.

Venkatesh S, jewellery designer from, shares how men can rock the look with studs. 

Guys, add glam to your look with studs♠ There’s more than just white: The traditional diamond stud is now being replaced by coloured stones and semi-precious stones. Not only does this add a little drama to your entire look, but will also help you in choosing a colour that will suit your complexion. 

♠ Focus on detailing: You don’t want to spoil your look by going overboard with your jewellery. To look classy, opt for a small stud or an earring that may even go well with your formals. After all, it is just about adding the right amount of bling to your look. 

♠ Match the shapes: It is very important to buy a stud of the right shape that accentuates and compliments your facial features. For instance, you may want to opt for a small round stud or a ring if you have a long face. Similarly, opt for square studs if your face is round.

♠ Experimentation is the name of the game: You now have ample options to choose from, be it a ring, a loop or a stud. No one will judge you by what you wear and on which ear you tend to wear it.

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