InstaMag: Monica Dogra's Shiver choreographed by Madonna's dancer

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Monica Dogra's Shiver choreographed by Madonna's dancer

Monica Dogra's Shiver choreographed by Madonna's dancer
Singer-actress Monica Dogra has announced the launch of her campaign called Shiver, which encourages a healthy conversation of various social justice compartments like homosexuality and feminism. For a video on this, she engaged choreographer Reshma Gajjar, known to have toured with popular music artists like Madonna and Ricky Martin.

Monica said in a statement: "The story behind the dancing and choreography originates with Ryan Heffington having first agreed to choreograph the piece. Things didn't work out with Ryan so I was in desperate need of a new choreographer. 

“Reshma is my long time friend and collaborator. She has danced for the likes of Madonna, Ricky Martin and A.R. Rahman. I reached out to her and she recommended Jasmine Albuquerque."

After a few messages and conversations, Monica decided to hire her to choreograph. 

“Then because of budget constraints, she taught Reshma the choreography and I flew Reshma down as my principal actor and dancer in the piece,” she said.

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