Monday, 9 May 2016

Pink dominates women's everyday ethnic wear

Pink is often associated with femininity. And if one goes by a survey, it is a hot favourite colour of women when it comes to everyday ethnic wear.

As many as 28.5 percent Indian women love pink when it comes to their everyday ethnic wear colour, reveals a customer survey done by the online ethnic wear site

Pink dominates women's everyday ethnic wear
However, common favourites like yellow, red, orange and green, lost out to blue - when it came to second place at 27.2 percent. co-founder Monica Gupta said in a statement: "Indians are known for their love for colours. Each colour has different significance in Indian culture. When we embarked upon this survey, we were trying to understand what are the colours people like for daily wear, and what are the colours they like for occasion wear."

Maroon and gold trumped other colours to India’s favourite festive ethnic wear colours, among women with 33.9 percent and 31.9 percent preference respectively. 

Yes, these days, there's a lot of experimentation with peach and blue coming into the fold of wedding festivities. However, they are exceptions and not the rule, added Gupta.

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