Protect skin, hair from UV rays on sunny days

19 May 2016

Protect skin, hair from UV rays on sunny days

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Taking precaution is the best way to deal with the problems that harsh ultraviolet rays can cause to your skin and hair, says an expert.

Make-up artist Shreya Chadha has suggested some precautions:

♠ Keep your skin super-hydrated and well-nourished to retain moisture even in the driest months of April and May. Always keep an essence spray with you, especially when you go outside. The essence spray help to combat dullness, balances the skin’s pH, boosts hydration level and keeps your skin soft and supple. 

♠ Add juicy, seasonal fruits and vegetables in your breakfast and meal menus. Orange, watermelon, melon, pineapple, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and spinach are great source of beta-carotene that meet the water requirement of your skin.

♠ During summer, avoid cleansing milk and use a mild face wash as per your skin type. Face wash containing alpha-hydroxy acid two to four times a day is advised.
♠ Before going to bed at night, apply an oil-free moisturiser all over your skin to replenish its glow.

♠ There are several types of sunscreen available in the market, but choose the one with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 25 or above. Apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving the home. If you are afflicted with sunburns, then apply cool compresses only and never cover the sun-burned skin with a mask.

♠ To remove excess oil and acne marks from the face, apply clay mask and face wash containing salicylic acid. These two give your face freedom from annoying oils and pimples and enhance the natural glow of your skin.
♠ Excessive sweat makes your hair greasy and crumbled. To avoid this panic, wash your hair daily with a mild shampoo during summers, but don’t scrub the scalp every time as scrubbing leads to secretion of oils from the scalp. 

After shampoo, you can use a conditioner to make your hair silky and shiny, but keep yourself away from the thick and dense hair oils throughout the summer.

♠ Dandruff is another devil to your hair. It is a major cause of hair loss. Always keep your hair dry and clean to prevent dandruff. To avoid the issue, wash your head with a medicated shampoo containing zinc pyrithrone and ketoconazole once a week. Kitchen ingredients like lemon and fenugreek seeds are also very much effective to treat dandruff.

♠ Drink plenty of water, juices, cold milk and coconut water to nourish your skin as well as the scalp. Light fluids rejuvenate your dead cells and protect you from acute dehydration and heat stroke. So keep yourself hydrated with fresh drinks, but avoid too much coffee, tea and other hot beverages.

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