11 Jun 2016

Be monsoon ready in style

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Don't let the humid weather make you feel less fashionable. Monsoon has already arrived in some parts of India. So, it's time to make your wardrobe ready to suit the changing weather.

be-monsoon-ready-in-styleSanjay Shroff, Founder and CEO of an e-commerce fashion portal, has shared some tips to help you dress up in this monsoon.

* Colours: Monsoon 2016 is all about lively yet subtle colours. Pastel coloured clothes always look great during summer time as they are low conductor of heat. One can experiment with bright pastels such as deep greens, turquoise blue, deep beige, olive green, light copper, rose gold, peach, lemon yellow, fuchsia pink and sea green.
* Cuts and silhouettes: Asymmetrical tunics and dresses are a hit this season. Vibrant boho tops are also a great option. The silhouette should be clean, the cut should not have too many layers or too many tailoring details that make the garment look messy and untidy. Wear simple shirts and crop tops that are easy to wear. Well-cut dresses with short hemlines are very apt for monsoon clothing. 

* Fabrics: Prefer Polynylons, rayons, nylon, mixed cottons. It is best to avoid denims and materials that bleed colour. Soft cottons and poly-fabrics are the best bet. Nylons, cotton blends, mixed fabrics, blended cottons and nets are the fabrics for monsoon. You need something that dries fast and keeps you warm at the same time. No crepes or chiffons as these don't keep up well in the wet weather and get crinkled easily. Floral prints would be another option for a cloudy day.

* Accessories: Carry waterproof bags so as to save your accessories such as iPhone, make up, books, wallet etc. from getting spoilt. Carry colorful umbrellas and rain gear. Pick up the one which suits your style. They can be floral, checked, polka dotted, plain bright or even retro black and white. 

* Hair and Make-up: Moist atmosphere outdoors can make your hair go frizzy. Tying your hair into a neat bun or a ponytail or a braid is a great way to keep it under control. Waterproof kajal and eye-liner. You can go light on the foundation and if possible, avoid it.

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