How to keep your make-up products safe during monsoon

14 Jun 2016

How to keep your make-up products safe during monsoon

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As monsoon approaches, it is important to keep one's make-up safe from humidity and dampness. Here's how.

Beauty expert Ishika Taneja, Executive Director, Alps Group, lists a few steps that one can take to safeguard make-up during the rainy season. 

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♦ Store well: As powder-based products emerge as your best friends in rainy weather, prove them your love by storing them well. Place all your powder-based products like compact face powder, eye shadows and other items in an airy and dry cabinet to keep dampness away from it.

♦ Re-sealing task: Keeping the laziness away, make sure to close the covers and lids of each product tightly after every use to not have your products face the monsoon air. This prevents it by getting dampened which might further affect their quality and results.

♦ Waterproof travel: As we never know of sudden shower surprises during rains, use a waterproof bag or slip pouch to store the make-up while travelling in the rainy season. 

♦ Zip-it-up: Besides products, make-up brushes can also lose their shape and working ability if not kept dry and safe during monsoon. Make sure to seal the bristles in separate zip pouches and then place in the drawers to keep humidity and fungus at a distance.

♦ Blow dryer to the rescue: Even after taking vigorous precautions, if one accidentally ends up wetting the products, dry them using a blow dryer to get them back in action. But refrain from overdoing it or doing it too frequently as it may result in degrading the colour and quality of the item.

♦ Check the condition: Make sure to apply these powder make-up items after checking their condition, as dampening can mingle with environmental bacteria and make these products cause infections and allergy when applied to the skin. So use only when dry. 

♦ Smell matters: In case of a foul smell or discolouration in the product, take it as a red signal and discard it right away.

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