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30 Jun 2016

How to take care of your shoes during monsoon

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Maintaining your shoes during monsoon can be a task. Brushing, drying and polishing them regularly can help in preventing them from getting spoiled during the rainy weather, says an expert.

how-to-take-care-of-your-shoes-during-monsoonNarendra Kumar, Creative Director, Amazon Fashion, offers the following tips to protect shoes from getting ruined:

♦ Brush them right: Make it a routine to remove the mud from the shoe as the damp mud tends to stick to the shoe which further spoils it due to the moisture present in the damp mud. 

♦ Dry them well: Once you are done removing the damp mud, dry your shoes thoroughly before placing them back in the shoe cabinet/box as the moisture will attract fungus which will again ruin it and will give off a terrible smell. So give your shoes enough time to breathe back to life. 
♦ Waxing and polishing: It is always good to invest in a good shoe wax or polish for expensive leather shoes to avoid any damage during monsoon. It not only makes the shoe shine but also protects it from moisture. 

♦ Maintain their shape: For your formal shoes, maintain the crisp look and shape with the help of shoe trees. Invest in good quality shoe trees to keep the shape of your formal footwear intact. A good quality shoe tree is made from solid wood, usually cedar, which helps control odour and also absorb moisture. You can also use newspaper if you don’t have shoe trees. Paper also absorbs the moisture and maintains the shape of the shoes.

♦ Dehumidifiers: You can place a dehumidifier in your shoe cabinet. It absorbs the humidity in the air keeping the place dry and not exposing your leather to fungus. In addition, keep your shoes in a cloth cover before placing them in shoe boxes.

♦ Scotchguard spray: It eliminates and resists stains, protects your shoes from water and dirt so that your new shoes will stay looking newer.

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