13 Jun 2016

Indians relate fashion with celebrities: Shehla Khan

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Designer Shehla Khan, who has designed clothes for various celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor, says it's important to be associated with the stars as people relate fashion with celebrities in India.

Asked how important it is to be associated with celebrities, Khan told: "It is very important because people relate it that way. In India, people relate fashion with celebrities. Many people follow that looking at pictures... what they are wearing and things like that."

"Indian people are also following international brands. My point is that celebs do play an important part in being associated with the designer. It's like a form of advertisement for us," added the London College of Fashion alumnus.

Talking about her journey, she said: "It was not an easy journey. There have been ups and downs. I gained recognition early in my career and it had encouraged me to do a lot more."
Khan, who has also opened her own store in Bandra, says online shopping is big now. 

She said: "Online has certainly taken over major market and I feel online, right now, is the main market. Even if it's not on a portal as such, people come through social media and contact us, so the online business is very big."

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