11 Jun 2016

Jolie might star in 'Murder on the Orient Express'

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Actress Angelina Jolie is in talks to star in Kenneth Branagh’s “Murder on the Orient Express”.

The shooting is expected to begin in November in London and then move to Malta, reports

jolie-might-star-in-murder-on-orient-expressJolie would play Mrs. Harriet Hubbard, a role once played by actress Lauren Bacall in the 1974 version.

The Fox film, based on Agatha Christie’s classic mystery, has been in the works for years. 

The story is on special detective Hercule Poirot, who boards the train from Istanbul to London only to have a murder committed in the car next to his during a snowstorm. Poirot tries to discover the murderer or murderers before there's another victim.
Director Sidney Lumet had made the first adaptation in 1974 for Paramount. Albert Finney starred in that version as Poirot, while actors Ingrid Bergman, Bacall and Sean Connery were among the passengers or the suspects.

Branagh is producing the projectalongside Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg and Mark Gordon. Aditya Sood and Michael Schaefer are executive producing the film, slated to release on November 22, 2017.

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