Long hours, stress in office lead to burnout: Study

21 Jun 2016

Long hours, stress in office lead to burnout: Study

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The office is the most productive place to get work done but long hours and work related stress lead to burnout, forcing office workers to look for other positions, according to a US study.

Instamag-Long hours, stress in office lead to burnout: StudyThe second annual 'Workplace Index' conducted by US-based company Staples Business Inc. found that 64 per cent of respondents reported their workplace as the main contributor to their stress, while nearly half admitted that feeling overworked was motivating them to look for another job, Worcester Business Journal reported.
The study involved 936 office workers and 1,059 business decision makers in the US.

Pointing to the importance of an office environment that is sensitive to employee needs, the researchers said that 13 per cent of the employees participating in the study even took a workplace stress-related leave of absence.

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