Sunday, 19 June 2016

'School Chale Hum', an Initiative by Hrishikesh Pandey with Shaan's voice

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Director-producer-writer Hrishikesh Pandey, who recently launched the song 'School Chale Hum' for the Madhya Pradesh government, is pleased with the success of the song and is planning to highlight more such issues and make a difference to the society.

About the song 'School Chale Hum', Hrishikesh said, "I feel extremely blessed to write, compose and direct this beautiful song for this beautiful campaign, which has got a great response. There is no doubt that education is as important as the three basic needs of life, food clothing and shelter.

I personally believe that education helps in eradicating poverty, crime and other social evils. The first step to education is enrollment of children in schools and I am happy to contribute to this initiative for the Madhya Pradesh government."

The song was launched by the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday, as part of its 'School Chale Abhiyan'. The concept has been created by Indore collector IAS P. Narahari. The song has been sung by popular singer Shaan.
Shaan said, "It is a beautiful song. Hrishikesh ji has written, composed and directed this lovely song. I am very happy to get associated to this campaign and this song. Not just the kids, we are encouraging even the parents that children should go to school, so that they have bright futures."

school-chale-hum-initiative-by-hrishikesh-pandey-with-shaans-voiceHrishikesh's production house Hribom has created numerous videos already, highlighting several issues, especially for the city of Indore. This includes videos for a new bus service, blood donation, organ donation, road safety and use of helmets, Building Smart City Indore, an app for safety of women, Simhastha Kumbh Mela, Jal Satyagrah, Tele Rickshaw App, Aarogya Medical Store, and videos highlighting eve-teasing and women empowerment.

He has also made numerous videos which are not affiliated to any government, like his video 'Respect Women' purely out of his interest to do something for the society.

Hrishikesh said, "I have created videos informing about the initiatives of the Madhya Pradesh government and especially focusing on the region of Indore. But I have also made numerous videos on issues which are grappling the entire country. My endeavour is to make more such videos and I have already planned on many such social issues, which I will be doing regularly and hoping it makes a difference to the society."

Hrishikesh has also made a short film 'Save For The Future', which will be releasing soon.

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