Stop judging films without viewing them: Shahid

15 Jun 2016

Stop judging films without viewing them: Shahid

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Shahid Kapoor's controversial film "Udta Punjab" is finally set for this Friday release, and the actor has urged everyone to stop judging films without watching them.

Instamag-Stop judging films without viewing them: Shahid"Stop judging the films and characters after seeing one-minute promo. It's a two and half hour film. If you feel any credibility in people sitting out here, please wait till you view the film before passing judgement or creating a controversy. 

"All the controversies were created without viewing it. Our names and images are at stake. Why would we do that to ourselves?," Shahid told reporters at the "Udta Punjab" press conference here on Tuesday.
He also said that people should give some credit to his co-star Alia Bhatt who is "known to look desirable and lovely and who got the courage to go and play the role of a drug addict". 

"Why is she doing that to her image because there is some substance within her which is making her feel responsible enough to pick a role that's not just about looking desirable but a role which is real," he added.

He shared that the purpose of the film is "humane". 

Directed by Abhishek Chaubey, "Udta Punjab" also features Kareena Kapoor Khan and Diljit Dosanjh.

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