21 Jul 2016

Amitabh Bachchan and 'Mission Tiger', targets 'Save Tiger'

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"I shall give my best to help the #forestdepartment conserve and save the #tigers in this state's forests and reserves", It was earlier stated by the Legend of Indian Cinema, #Amitabh Bachchan.

To the same context, the makers of 'Mission Tiger' declares the only motive behind 'Mission Tiger', is  'Save Tiger'. 
Director Dipu Karunakaran said, "Mission Tiger is the first film featuring the root cause of tiger poaching in India and intends to impart a message- Save The Tiger. We are also very happy about the thoughts shared by Amitabh Bahcchan ji on saving tigers, It is like a golden energy when a celeb like him, somewhere down the line think about the same mission as our film do."

'Mission Tiger' is based on senior Indian Forest Service (IFS) official T. R. Bijulal's story, which the former then developed into a script.

'Mission Tiger' is jointly produced by Saju Fortune and Leegesh S.L. under the banner Fortune Cinemas. The film is releasing on International Tiger day, 29th July.

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