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27 Jul 2016

Another steamy Poonam Pandey video in store for fans?

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After creating headlines with numerous #hotvideos, controversy queen and online sensation #PoonamPandey is all set to come out with another steamy video.

another-steamy-poonam-pandey-video-in-store-for-fanPoonam shared on her Twitter profile, 'Tweethearts!! New video on its way'... 'How about a GAME Video?' along with a screen grab of the video to tease her loyal fans and make them curious about it.

another-steamy-poonam-pandey-video-in-store-for-fanThe video sees her in a bikini along the poolside while playing the game with a foreign girl, also in bikini. The video definitely will look to satisfy people who are ardent fans of Poonam and eagerly look forward to her sizzling videos.
Previously, her videos on Yoga and another about 'Jingle b**bs' on the occasion of Christmas, and one showing her play Holi, along with numerous other videos have gone viral and was loved by the fans.

Her numerous steamy pictures regularly also make headlines regularly. Her daring promises related to the Indian cricket team and their matches have already become some of the most talked-about gossips in the industry in the past few years.

It's about how every video of Poonam Pandey is in different  style, and we wonder how can she come up with the weirdest but the funniest videos. After her yoga and jingles boobs she has turn eyes to her another videos where she is showing more actions in different way.


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