Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How to get rid of peeling fingertips

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#Fingertips are used to carry out day-to-day activities like writing, #cleaningutensils, cooking and typing. If they end up peeling, ensure to control anxiety, stay away from the allergen and adopt a #healthylifestyle, says an expert.

how-to-get-rid-of-peeling-fingertips#Peelingfingertips can be allergic in origin. Plants, flowers, lead, metal, leather, detergent and detergent soaps are some of the most commonly known allergens.

It is more common in hot weather among young adults and those who sweat a lot. It begins as air-filled blisters which appear white, then the blisters burst and then painful, circular or oval areas are seen. 

They become red, dry and cracked. They are not itchy. Sometimes the skin splits at the end of fingers.
Cosmetic Dermatologist Megha Shah shares a few peeling fingertips management tips:

♦ A detailed history helps in identifying the cause of the peeling fingers. In early cases, maintaining normal hydration helps a lot. In case of excessive dryness, it is advisable to use good liquid paraffin based moisturiser during day time and an emollient during bed time. You can get some relief with home remedies like application of aloe vera. 

♦ We see that mostly, half of all the diseases do not require therapeutic medications. Proper care, understanding of the condition, causes, avoiding soaps and irritants and removal of the anxiety help to cure not only skin diseases but other diseases also.

♦ Emollient hand creams are useful which coat the skin with good moisturisers and prevent excessive dryness. 

♦ The use of NanoFractional Radio Frequency is becoming popular. It reduces the recurrences and also helps in controlling the inflammatory response and exfoliation. It needs four to six sessions at monthly interval and provides long-term relief and prevents recurrence. In between treatments, mild emollients or moisturiser will assist speedy recovery and long interval between recurrences.

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