20 Jul 2016

Jewel care tips for monsoon

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Your #jewels needs extra care during the #rainyseason. Keep them in separate #jewellery holders and don’t use paper tissues to clean them, says an expert.

Pritesh Goyal, Director and Jewellery Designer of SLG Jewellers, shares some tips to help you protect your ornaments in monsoon:

♦Pay extra attention to silver jewellery: Silver jewellery is prone to corrosion due to its physical properties and it requires timely cleaning. Silver easily loses its sheen in humid temperature. Therefore, it should be kept in a moisture resistant container to maintain its lustre and glow.
♦ Extra care to pearl and coral jewellery: Pearl and coral jewellery need extra attention as a direct contact with hair sprays or perfumes may also damage them. Pearls are delicate and if not stored properly may get nicks and scratches very easily. You can put them in soft pouches or in plastic wrappers after the use. It will protect them from possible frictions.

♦ Prefer a jewellery box with soft interior and hard exterior: It is good if you have a sturdy jewellery box that provides adequate protection to your prized possessions. The sturdy exterior should be able to protect against the outer pressure and a soft interior saves the articles from being scratched and preserves the original lustre. Make sure that the jewellery box contains different sections for keeping a variety of jewellery.
♦ Keep separate jewellery holders for each jewellery type: Avoid common storage of silver, gold, diamond, and pearl in the same container or zip-lock bags can make you cry. There are chances of getting scratched if they rub each other. Silver jewellery can also get tarnished like other gold and copper. Keeping them in one place can also increase the chances of entanglement. You can use different zip-lock bags as you can fold and place them amid your clothing items inside the closet to keep rings from being broken off and necklaces.

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