19 Jul 2016

Kristen Stewart doesn't learn scripts

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#Actress #KristenStewart has revealed that she doesn't learn scripts and relies on improvisation.

@Instamag-Kristen Stewart doesn't learn scripts
The #CafeSociety actress said she will "quickly" memorise her dialogue if she needs to, but she thinks it is "better" to improvise and she finds sticking to a script "gets in her way", reports 

"I never know my f***in' lines. Even in Woody Allen movies, I don't know my lines," Stewart told entertainment site 

"I learn them quickly if it's necessary, but typically, I just think it's better if I find it or say something slightly different," she added. 
However, Stewart admitted it can sometimes be a problem when she doesn't know her lines.

"To be honest, sometimes I f**k myself over. I'm like, 'Oh s**t, I don't know my lines'" she said.

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