23 Jul 2016

Liam will return to One Direction, says his sister

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#LiamPayne's sister #Ruth has insisted the singer will return to One Direction after the popular English-Irish pop boy band's hiatus is over, despite him signing a new record contract.

The 22-year-old singer announced on Thursday that he had signed a solo record deal, leading fans to fear the band is over for good.

However, Ruth said that the group -- which also features #HarryStyles, #NiallHoran and #LouisTomlinson -- will get back together, reports

"So happy for Liam. I am biased but he is so talented it would have been a shame for him not to release music for two years!" Ruth wrote on Twitter. 
Oe fan asked: "He's still staying in One Direction though, right?"

She responded: "Yeah, I'm not sure how a solo career in the band 'hiatus' would affect membership". 

After signing his deal with Capitol Records, Liam insisted One Direction will always be his "family".

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