Thursday, 28 July 2016

Louise Thompson dating personal trainer

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TV personality #LouiseThompson is dating her personal trainer.

The 26-year-old split from her long-term boyfriend Alik Alfus two months ago and is back on the dating circuit with her personal trainer Ryan William Libbey, reports

"We've hung out a bit away from the gym. I was going through a rough time when all the Alik stuff was going on and we went for a few meals and got to know each other," Thompson said.
"It's important for me to keep my options open at the moment and not get too serious with anyone," she added.

Thompson, however, feels that she has completely moved on from her romance with Alfus whom she dated for two years, although she can't say the same for him.

"Sadly I've moved on quite a lot, and I don't think Alik feels the same. I'm always the one who's been dumped and you're forced to move on, whereas this is harder because I'm the one making the decision. I'm questioning whether I made the right one every day," she said.

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