Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nana Patekar, Shyam Kaushal reminisce about their brotherly bond

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#Veteranactor #NanaPatekar and action director #ShyamKaushal shared their brotherly experiences on the occasion of the launch of the latter's son Sunny's film.

nana-patekar-shyam-kaushal-reminisce-about-their-brotherly-bondNana was present to launch Kaushal's son Sunny, who makes his debut with the film "Sunshine Music Tours and Travels".

Kaushal said: "Nana ji is like an elder brother to me; there are relations which are not blood relations, and our relation is beyond that. He had given me break with 'Prahaar' and as a father, there couldn't have been a bigger moment that he is here to bless my son.

"He stood by me, not only professionally, but also personally, when I was dying in the hospital and there was no chance of me surviving, he was the person who was standing in the operation theatre till I became conscious. After god if there is another person because of whom I am alive, he is the person."
Nana responded: "When he was very critical and they were taking him to the operation theatre, he said, 'Sell the flat that we purchased and shift the family into a small flat, if something happens to me'. I told 'first die, only then will I be able to do something'.

"There were three operations done on him back-to-back and by the grace of god, he is completely alright now. I have played with these kids in my lap. It feels good that our kids have grown up so much. They are a bigger property than money."

"Sunshine Music Tours and Travels" sees film producer Shailendra Singh become a director and director Madhur Bhandarkar, Sunny's elder brother Vicky Kaushal of 'Raman Raghav 2.0' fame and cricketer Kapil Dev were present at the launch event.

About Singh, Nana said: "One of the reasons for coming here is that my younger brother is making a film and my nephew (Sunny) is the hero."

He told Singh that ge turned director after producing 71 films, but "you should have become one long time ago".

"You have taken all new kids. I remembered 'Ankush' days when N. Chandra had taken all new kids and I was one of them. Such films hold more importance, there are no inhibitions in the way these kids work."

"Sunshine Music Tours and Travels" releases on September 2.

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