21 Jul 2016

Naseeruddin Shah impressed with son Imaad's performance in 'M Cream'

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Veteran actor #NaseeruddinShah is impressed with his son #Imaad's performance in the film film #MCream, which is all set to hit the screens this Friday.

"It's a very interesting, different and youth-oriented movie. I feel that it will catch the pulse of the youngsters, who show interest in these kinds of elements. There is a good proportion of such people. The music is very good and the performances are very good," Naseeruddin Shah told.
Imaad, who has been seen in films such as #DilDostiEtc, #LittleZizou #TheReluctantFundamentalist, #404 among others, plays the role of a Delhi boy in “M Cream”. 

Naseeruddin says that he liked his son's performance in the film.

"I would obviously like it, he is my son. Let's see what the public will say as that's what matters. My blessings are with the film," he said.

"M Cream" has been showcased at numerous festivals across the world and has won awards too. The film, directed by Agneya Singh, also stars Ira Dubey, Auritra Ghosh and Raaghav Chanana.

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