20 Jul 2016

Pamela Anderson joins fight against fish farming

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@Instamag - Pamela Anderson joins fight against fish farming
#Actor #PamelaAnderson has joined in the fight against fish farming and has urged people to chose wild salmon over farmed products.

The former #Baywatch actress, an active animal rights campaigner, claims wild salmon is healthier for people and the environment, reports

"The bottom line is that fish farms in the oceans are polluting the oceans. Please take this into your own hands and simply say no to farmed salmon.

"I learned about the fish farms and how devastating they are. Even my mother said, 'By eating farmed salmon, aren't I helping wild salmon?' That's a misconception," Anderson said.
The mother-of-two was joined by environmental advocate David Suzuki as she helped raise awareness of the presence of a virus in farmed salmon for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

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