21 Jul 2016

Things to consider before getting hair transplant

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Don’t wish to be #bald anymore and considering a #hairtransplantsurgery? Go for an accredited medical centre, get yourself evaluated clinically and medically and more before going for the surgery, says an expert.

things-to-consider-before-getting-hair-transplantSanjay Parashar, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Cocoona Centre for Aesthetic Transformation, shares a list of standard practices you must look out for:

♦The procedure should be performed in an accredited and well equipped medical centre with proper sterility and surgery protocols.

♦ Only a team of qualified and licensed doctors and technicians should be involved.
♦ The patient must be evaluated clinically and medically thoroughly to ensure he or she is an ideal candidate and healthy enough to undergo the procedure.

♦ All medications including local anaesthesia should be administered by qualified doctors after checking the content and expiry dates, and in a controlled manner.

♦ Continuous monitoring of the patient is mandatory by using pulse oximetry to measure oxygen levels throughout the procedure and blood pressure monitoring.

♦ FUT i.e. strip harvesting (a way in which hair is harvested) should be performed by a surgeon qualified in managing scalp wounds, not even a general physician. 

♦ FUE i.e. follicular harvesting (a way in which hair is harvested) should be performed either by a surgeon, dermatologist or a qualified allopathic medical doctor.

♦ Hair grafting should be performed by qualified and trained medical technicians under direct supervision of the doctors.

♦ The patient should be discharged after proper monitoring and assessment by the senior qualified doctor. 

♦ Regular follow up protocol should be undertaken to ensure safe and effective outcome of the procedure.

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