Friday, 12 August 2016

Sharon Stone ready to date

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Actress #SharonStone, who split from second husband in 2004, says she is ready to date again.

The 58-year-old, who split from first husband Michael Greenburg in 1990 and divorced her second husband Phil Bronstein in 2004 after six years of marriage, has been reluctant to look for love again because of her children, reports

As her children, Roan, 16, Laird, 11, and Quinn, 10, are getting older, Stone feels more comfortable inviting someone new into her life.
"I have boys, my kids, and they're very special to me but in terms of dating, what has happened is my kids have reached the age where I'm comfortable to date. I didn't want to date when they were little because who needs a bunch of guys running in and out of their lives?" quoted Stone as saying.

"But now, I feel comfortable dating, I'm available for dating."

The "Basic Instinct" actress believes everyone has a particular gift and using it in the right way is their destiny.

"I think we all have something we do and I think if you take the gift you have to use it and be your best and give the most to the world, you will find what is your destiny," she said.

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