Friday, 12 August 2016

Streep tries to swim a mile every day

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Veteran actress #MerylStreep says she tries to swim a mile every day to #stayhealthy.

The 67-year-old finds doing laps of the pool the best exercise for her to keep active, reports

"I do try to stay healthy. Sometimes I let myself fall apart, but generally I try to swim a mile every day because I like the feeling and it gets me into my body," Streep said.

"I'm quite conscious of keeping my health because it doesn't last forever and we're all of us lucky as long as we do have it. I try to remember that," she added.
Streep, who is married to sculptor Don Gummer, also makes sure to look after skin although she uses products to fight the advancing years. 

The "Mamma Mia!" actress claims that her fresh complexion is mainly down to the good genetics she inherited from her mother Mary.

"I have the same skin as my mother... she had beautiful skin. When she got older it got wrinkled, but who cares," she said.

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