5 Oct 2016

Gulzar dodges question on India-Pakistan tensions

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Lyricist-writer #Gulzar at a music launch of a new animated film on Tuesday told the media to "be relevant to the occasion" when asked to comment on the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan.

At the music launch of "Motu Patlu: King of Kings", Gulzar was asked for his views on the feud between India and Pakistan.

He said: "Is this (question) relevant to the programme for which we have come? Aap agar shaadi mein jaao, aur baat Frontier ki karne lage, theek lagega? (If you go for a wedding, and talk about the Frontier, will it look nice?)... Be relevant to the occasion."
While Gulzar chose not to comment on the issue, several Bollywood film celebrities have condemned the September 18 attack in Jammu and Kashmir which killed 19 soldiers.

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