20 Oct 2016

Roshan Abbas to return to direction in 2017

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TV anchor-writer-director #Roshan_Abbas took a break from film direction post the debacle of his debut film "Always Kabhi Kabhi". However, he promises to return to direction in 2017 with a story based on relationships.

Roshan told: "I have been working on this nice love story which is about relationships. It's about marriage and that's something which is looking very promising. I think our audiences are also ready for it and believe me, I will surprise you all by 2017. I will be back next year 101 per cent."

He says he keeps analyzing what went wrong with his first film "Always Kabhi Kabhi".

"I am a real kind of a person. I thought I made my first film and it didn't work, so what went wrong. Somewhere, I felt that I was trying to speak to the really younger generation with a bolder outlook. If I want a second opportunity to put a film out there, I want to be extremely sure of it," Abbas said.

"I actually wrote a script called 'NH8' and as I was about to start shooting it, 'NH10' was around. I was like how can this happen. There are ideas that exist and they are out there in the open," he added.
Produced by Gauri Khan, "Always Kabhi Kabhi" featured Ali Fazal, Giselli Monteiro, Zoa Morani and Satyajeet Dubey.

Roshan attended a masterclass at Whistling Woods International, where he spoke about his career and experience. He says when he started off in the industry, the opportunities were highly limited.

"When I started, it was very different. The opportunities were highly limited and as a celebrity host, there were no companies to start off. Today things have changed and it's for the better."

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