2 Nov 2016

How to check authenticity of pre-owned luxury product

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With online portals offering a lot of deals on #luxury_products, there are chances that they may not be real.

Smita Jain, Authentication Expert at (an online website for pre-owned luxury brands), lists certain pointers to check the authenticity. 

* Quality: Authentic brands do not compromise on the quality of the material for their merchandise.

Cheaper alternatives like synthetic materials and sloppy workmanship are signs of a fake substitute. Its always best to be familiar with the material used in the product. For example, Michael Kors bags are rigid and sturdy and will stand stiff and retain their shape comfortably, while the fake will be sloppy with collapsing sides.
* Colour: Whether you are buying a new or a pre-owned item, the originality of the brand can be ascertained through its high crafted colour options.

Always check the inner lining for inside threads, colour staining on labels and pocket bags.

* Writing: Be a smart shopper and always examine the tags and belt for misspellings and font style. Every brand has a certain typeface and style of writing it and most of them do not list details on the product accessories either.

Example, if an LV dustbag has anything more written on it except for "Louis Vuitton" or the monogram "LV", it is bogus. In case of MK, the two letters are very close together and the engraving is neat and clear.

* Weight: Counterfeit products are normally lighter than original to ensure affordability.

Products that are true to the original, have some weight to them and feel strong and substantial. For example, a Gucci belt or a Rolex watch not only bear a solid touch, but are made of solid metal that are engraved with a high quality finish.

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