Saturday, 23 April 2016

Sheena Lakhani bollywood debut

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Born in Canada Sheena Lakhani moved to The United Stated at the age of five where she started training in various dance forms like ballet and jazz. Soon she was competing in local and state level dance competitions. Participating in fashion shows and acting in plays form an early age Sheena even went on to play the lead in a Romanian language play while living in Romania. Sheena has also acted in a few Hindi language films that are yet to release. She is the only international artist to produce a Hindi Farsi love song and video called "Meri Ankhon" which was released by VEVO on October 10, 2015. The lyrics have been written by the same lyricist from the big Bollywood film Humari Adhuri Kahani's - Hasi Ban Gayi, Kunaal Verma. We recently had the opportunity to interview the enormously talented actress, dancer and model Sheena Lakhani.

Q&A with Sheena Lakhani for InstaMag -

Q Can you tell us what inspired you to get in to acting and when you knew that you want to the take up acting professionally?

A I have been trained in the arts and sports since the moment I was born. My mum always had every 5 minutes of my life planned out which back then I took for granted but now I owe all the credit to her and my fashionista father. I trained as a dancer from age 5 in ballet, tap, jazz and gymnastics for 8 years straight. Also, I played basketball, baseball, the piano, the recorder, sang in a chorus and trained in karate. In America I have done plays in English and Spanish, modelled in fashion shows and competed in every dance competition in and out of University. Before moving to Bombay from Romania I was doing plays in Romanian language. It was while I was meditating in January 2011 that I had a vision that I was in India in front of bright camera lights performing. The vision came to me several times and my Guru said "we must return to God as His children". It was this and also my Guru saying that we can find our way back to God by doing the things we enjoyed as a child before our minds became conditioned by society. When my Guru saw me perform live for the first time He came and said to me, "Sheena the way you perform, it is like you have been reborn." It was my Guru's words and guidance that brought me to Mumbai and Bollywood.