Saturday, 21 May 2016

Telling ripeness of mango without having to taste it

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There is good news for mango lovers! You may soon be able to tell how ripe a mango is without having to taste it as researchers have identified a way to “sniff” the ripeness of the fruit.

They have identified the unique chemical signature of ripening for mangoes, a development that could lead to small hand-held electronic noses to detect the ripeness of not just mangoes but other fruits as well.

Mangoes are one of the most important and popular tropical fruits with India producing approximately 40 percent of the world's supply. 

"It is really important for people to be able to tell how ripe fruit is without having to taste it. This is important for fruit producers and supermarkets,” said lead researcher Paul Monks, professor at the University of Leicester in Britain.

The new research, published in the journal Metabolomics, has shown that is possible to 'sniff' the ripeness of mangoes.

Friday, 20 May 2016

M Cream, India's first stoner movie, goes public this July

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M Cream, India’s first stoner film which has created a buzz internationally, is slated for release in India on July 22nd,  2016.

M Cream – a vibrant take on the youth of today, has been hailed as ‘A  Cinematic Jewel’ by critic Nicholas Powers (The Indypendent).  Written and directed by Agneya Singh, a Tisch School of the Arts graduate, the film has traveled to over thirty international film festivals and has won several accolades. It has been lauded for its bold approach, freshness and a take on India the world has never seen before.

The film traces the journey of four young people, in search of a mythical drug, as they journey across the picturesque expanse of the Himalayas.  This coming of age story stars Imaad Shah, son of legendary actor Naseeruddin  Shah, film and theatre actress Ira Dubey,  acting guru Barry John and Bollywood veteran Tom Alter among others.

The film was awarded the Indie Spirit award for Best Foreign Feature Film in the USA and will be unveiled on the silver screen in India this July for the very first time. 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Shah Rukh Khan calls Tim Cook 'rockstar'

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Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan says Apple CEO Tim Cook, whom he hosted to a dinner at his residnece here on Wednesday, is a "rockstar".

Shah Rukh, one of Hindi cinema's top-rated and globally most popular actors, welcomed Cook and his team for dinner on Wednesday night. Bollywood's famed Bachchan family, apart from stars like Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit Nene were in attendance too.

Expressing gratitude to them all, the tech-savvy actor tweeted: "Thank you all for coming and making Tim Cook and his wonderful team feel the warmth and love of India. Mr. Cook you are a rockstar!"

He especially thanked the Bachchans.

"Thank you Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya and Jaya aunty for taking time out. 'Sarbjit' will be awesome I am sure," he added, making a reference to Aishwarya's forthcoming film.

Aamir, who attended the dinner party without his wife Kiran Rao, brought in some toys for Shah Rukh's two-year-old son AbRam.

Thanking him, SRK tweeted: "Aamir Khan, thank you for the toys. AbRam is still awake and playing with them."

Madhuri Dixit Nene loved meeting Tim Cook

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Actress Madhuri Dixit Nene, who was one of the guests at superstar Shah Rukh Khan's dinner held for Tim Cook, says it was a "pleasure" meeting the Apple CEO.

"It was a pleasure meeting Tim Cook and the Apple team at Shah Rukh Khan's house yesterday. Loved seeing everyone!" Madhuri tweeted on Thursday.

The actress also shared a photograph of herself along with husband Shriram Nene and Cook.

However, some actors like Neha Dhupia missed being at the star-studded event. 

"Just happy to know that I was in the same zip code as Tim Cook... As for the rest, hopefully will get to meet (Cook) in this lifetime!" Neha tweeted on Thursday. 

Held at Shah Rukh's home 'Mannat' here on Wednesday, the dinner party also was attended by Bollywood's biggest stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aamir Khan, among others. 

'Sarabjit' an intense, dramatic film: Amitabh Bachchan

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Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has praised his daughter-in-law and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's forthcoming film "Sarbjit".

sarabjit-intense-dramatic-film-amitabh-bachchanDirected by Omung Kumar, "Sarbjit" is based on the real-life story of Sarabjit Singh, who was convicted for spying and terrorism and languished in a Pakistani jail for 23 years, while his sister Dalbir Kaur, tried vigorously to release him. 

The 73-year-old has called the film intense and dramatic.

“'Sarabjit' an intense dramatic film... Pertinent and performed with great aplomb! Congratulations!" Amitabh tweeted. 

Mallika Sherawat attends Unicef dinner

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Actress Mallika Sherawat, whose film "Time Raiders" was screened at the ongoing 69th Cannes Film Festival, attended the Unicef dinner in a gorgeous gown by ace designer Alexis Mabille.

The “Murder” actress shared a photograph of herself on Twitter, flaunting Mabille's creation -- a shaded, net ensemble. 

“On my way to the UNICEF dinner, thank you Alexis Mabille for the lovely gown, make-up by Dior, hair by Dessange," Mallika tweeted on Wednesday night.

This is not the first time that Mallika has made an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. The actress made headlines in 2014 in a pale, pleated Pucci dress she wore to the amfAR Gala. 

Mariah Carey wants to star in 'Empire'

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Singer Mariah Carey says she wants to star in popular TV show “Empire”, but only if there's an “amazing character”.

Carey expressed her desire to star in the series while talking to the host of “Watch What Happens Live” Andy Cohen, reports 

"I saw Lee, like two nights ago," Carey told Cohen about her friend Lee Daniels, co-creator of “Empire”.

She added: “He knows that I want to do 'Empire', but I like working with Lee on movie projects because he is still a great director."

"They had this one idea and I was like ‘Look if I'm not going to have an amazing character arc, then why would we go on 'Empire' to be basically a version of myself ?' So leave it to Lee and he will have me in a wig they took out of a garbage can and a moustache.”

Ben Kingsley loves working with his wife

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Actor Ben Kingsley loves to be joined on the set by his wife Daniela Lavender as he finds it "a joy to see her on screen".
Kingsley has been married to Lavender since 2007 and appears alongside her in the film "Learning to Drive", reports

Asked how he enjoyed the experience of working with Daniela, Ben told Total Film magazine: "Really great... It's always a joy to see her on screen".

"We are about to work again on a marvellous picture called 'Backstabbing for Beginners'. It's about the United Nations oil-for-food scandal, just before the Gulf War, 2002-03."

Zareen Khan denies endorsing weight loss pills

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Actress #ZareenKhan has denied endorsing weight loss pills and says she cannot endorse something she doesn't believe in.

“I cannot endorse something I don’t believe in. I work very hard everyday in the gym and believe there are no shortcuts to weight loss!” Zareen said in a statement.

The actress, who can be seen in a sizzling new avtar in the song “Khallas Veerappan” from filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma's forthcoming movie "Veerappan", was approached by a weight loss pill company to endorse the product.

Guys, add glam to your look with studs

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From ditching the mundane white studs to playing with different shapes, it is time for males to up their style quotient with men's jewellery, says an expert.

Venkatesh S, jewellery designer from, shares how men can rock the look with studs. 

guys-add-glam-to-your-look-with-studs♠ There’s more than just white: The traditional diamond stud is now being replaced by coloured stones and semi-precious stones. Not only does this add a little drama to your entire look, but will also help you in choosing a colour that will suit your complexion. 

♠ Focus on detailing: You don’t want to spoil your look by going overboard with your jewellery. To look classy, opt for a small stud or an earring that may even go well with your formals. After all, it is just about adding the right amount of bling to your look. 

♠ Match the shapes: It is very important to buy a stud of the right shape that accentuates and compliments your facial features. For instance, you may want to opt for a small round stud or a ring if you have a long face. Similarly, opt for square studs if your face is round.

Eating fatty food in youth may up breast cancer risk

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Eating a lot of of fatty food during teenage years may lead to higher breast density -- a risk factor for breast cancer, warns a study.

"Overall, our results suggest possible long-term effects of fat intake during adolescence on young adult breast composition," said one of the researchers, Seungyoun Jung from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the US.

"Appropriate dietary modifications during adolescence may potentially contribute to lowering breast density and consequently breast cancer risk as well as preventing obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease," Jung noted.

The study was published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

For the study, the researchers analysed data from the Dietary Intervention Study in Children (DISC). DISC was a randomised clinical trial initiated in 1988 enrolling 663 children ages 8 to10 years, including 301 girls, that assessed diet on multiple occasions during adolescence. 

Protect skin, hair from UV rays on sunny days

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Taking precaution is the best way to deal with the problems that harsh ultraviolet rays can cause to your skin and hair, says an expert.

Make-up artist Shreya Chadha has suggested some precautions:

♠ Keep your skin super-hydrated and well-nourished to retain moisture even in the driest months of April and May. Always keep an essence spray with you, especially when you go outside. The essence spray help to combat dullness, balances the skin’s pH, boosts hydration level and keeps your skin soft and supple. 

♠ Add juicy, seasonal fruits and vegetables in your breakfast and meal menus. Orange, watermelon, melon, pineapple, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce and spinach are great source of beta-carotene that meet the water requirement of your skin.

♠ During summer, avoid cleansing milk and use a mild face wash as per your skin type. Face wash containing alpha-hydroxy acid two to four times a day is advised.

Hard water linked to risk of itchy red rash in infants

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High levels of water hardness at home may be linked to the development of eczema or itchy red rash early in life, says a study.

hard-water-linked-to-risk-of-itchy-red-rash-in-infantsSkin barrier impairment and dry skin are thought to be triggers of eczema in early life, partly through genetic predisposition. Environmental factors may also contribute to the breakdown of the skin barrier.

The study examined the link between water hardness and chlorine concentrations in household water, damage to the skin's natural barrier and eczema in infancy.

Comparing partner could make or break your relationship

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Your happiness in a relationship and how much energy you devote to maintain that relationship depend on how the partner compares with other potential mates you may have, suggests new research.

The findings suggest that how well our partner fulfils our ideal preference is not very important.

comparing-partner-could-make-or-break-your-relationship"We do not need ideal partners for relationship bliss. Instead, satisfaction appears to come, in part, from getting the best partner available to us," said one of the researchers Daniel Conroy-Beam from the University of Texas at Austin in the US.

For the study, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, the researchers surveyed 259 adults -- 119 men and 140 women -- who had been in relationships for an average of seven and a half years.

Mumbai to host food truck festival

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Mumbai will host its first food truck festival, titled 'Food Truck Square', starting Friday.

Organisers vouch to offer lip-smacking gourmet food at affordable prices at the event, to be held at High Street Phoenix here. 

The festival will present over ten food trucks with American gourmet sandwiches to Lebanese delicacies, from Mexican quick eats to different desserts.

A joint initiative by The Food Truck Association (TFTA), co-curated by Mumbai Foodie and OPA hospitality, the foodie's event will feature live graffiti art by an artist who will create an installation to serve as a reminder of the city's upcoming street food culture. 

Eating potatoes may increase high blood pressure risk

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Love to binge on potatoes and French fries? If yes, you may be at an increased risk of developing high blood pressure, warns a new study.

Potatoes are one of the world's most commonly consumed foods -- and are a high source of potassium.

The findings showed that participants who consumed four or more than four servings a week of boiled, baked or mashed potatoes, are at an 11 percent increased risk of hypertension. 

Also, a higher consumption of French fries was associated with a 17 percent increased risk of hypertension in both women and men. 

However, consumption of potato chips (crisps) was associated with no increased risk.

Keep yourself busy to boost mental health

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Are you over 50 and remain wearily busy? If yes, take heart. A new study says older adults with a busy daily lifestyle tend to have better mental functioning than their less busy peers.

The findings showed that at any age, and regardless of education, a busier lifestyle can lead to superior processing speed of the brain, working memory, reasoning, and vocabulary. 

"We show that people who report greater levels of daily 'busyness' tend to have better cognition, especially with regard to memory for recently learned information," said lead author Sara Festini, postdoctoral researcher at University of Texas in the US.

Also, the busiest an individual is, the better can be his/her episodic memory -- the ability to remember specific events in the past.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Naked selfies till I die: Kim Kardashian

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Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian has promised fans to keep sharing naked selfies online.

Kim attended the 2016 Webby Awards at the Cipriani Wall Street here where she got the inaugural Break the Internet Award for "unparalleled success online" and for inventing "a new type of celebrity", reports

In her acceptance speech, Kim said: "Naked selfies until I die." 

The award is "in recognition of her unprecedented success online and the bold and creative ways she has used the Internet, social media, apps and video to connect with a truly global audience". 

When it comes to sexuality, women are more flexible!

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If you are a girl and like to have sex with your male partner one day and a female pal the next, you may not be alone. A new theory suggests that women may have been evolutionarily designed to be sexually fluid.

when-it-comes-to-sexuality-women-are-more-flexible"The theory suggests that women may not have sexual orientations in the same sense as men do," said Satoshi Kanazawa, reader in London School of Economics and Political Science.

"Rather than being straight or gay, to whom women are sexually attracted may depend largely on the particular partner, their reproductive status, and other circumstances," Kanazawa said.

Obese women react differently to taste

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Women suffering from obesity are unable to differentiate between tastes as flavours are either too intense or hard to distinguish for them, a study has found.

obese-women-react-differently-to-tasteThe findings showed that women with anorexia nervosa or those who were obese had difficulty distinguishing between ordinary water and sugar water compared to controlled group and those who had recovered from anorexia nervosa.

"Taste is an important driver of food intake and invariably associated with distinct neuronal patters in the insula -- the brain's primary taste cortex," said lead study author Guido Frank from University of Colorado.

Nail the baby shower look

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Work on the eyes, highlight your cheek bones and contour your face well with bronzer to get the perfect 'mommy to be' look, says an expert.

Make-up artist and stylist Naunidh Singh suggests how: 

♦ If you want to get the look right, spend an extra minute on the eyes. Prepare your lids with a shadow primer which will help create a barrier between your skin and the make-up, also helping the shadow pigments pop. It will help keep the make-up longer, by preventing it from all the pregnancy sweat.

♦ Going by the latest trends and the weather, choose a nice and warm neutral shade as it works best on Indian skin. Pat the eye shadow on the lid and blend it upto the crease. Remember do not go over the crease.

♦ With a dome brush, blend a darker shade in the outer corner going upwards towards the brow till it’s blended nicely. This will give you dimension!

♦ To highlight under the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye, select a lighter shade. Avoid stark white, go for an off white or a champagne colour instead. This will make your eyes look bigger.

nail-baby-shower-look♦ If you love to sparkle, then go ahead and use glitter! The trick to getting a beautiful glittery lid is glitter glue. Otherwise, it’s going to get everywhere. Use a small amount of glitter glue and pat it over top of the shadow you have already applied. Do not rub or your shadow will come off.

♦ Next, tap a little of your glitter into the lid of the container. Use your brush to pick up a small amount of glitter and gently press onto your lid. It may be a good idea to hold a tissue under your eye to catch any glitter that falls. If it does fall anyway, remove it using powder brush.

♦ Top it all with a winged eye liner and lots of mascara. You may use kohl if you like.

♦ Do not forget to define your brows. Use a dark matte brown eye shadow to fill your eye brows. A simple eye brow brush will do the trick.

Designer Gaurang Shah's handloom creation makes way to Cannes

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Amid overwhelming gowns and dresses, Indian textiles got their red carpet moment at the 69th Cannes Film Festival when Deepshikha Ddeshmukh, producer of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan starrer “Sarbjit”, stepped out in an ensemble featuring Paithani and Kanjeevaram details.

Ddeshmukh flaunted a pink organza Paithani anarkali with a Kanjeevaram Ikat dupatta and a navy blue gharara -- a creation by Indian designer Gaurang Shah.

"Love my pink Paithani anarkali and Kanjeevaram dupatta, thank you Gaurang Shah," Ddeshmukh tweeted, crediting Shah, who is known for his Jamdani weaving technique.

Even Shah was overjoyed.

"We are delighted that Deepshikha Ddeshmukh chose to wear this beautifully handwoven ethnic dress. It is inspiring not just for our team, but also for our weavers' confidence for the great admiration it receives around the world, especially at such a big fashion and film platform,” he said.

One day I'll walk red carpet in white shirt and jeans, quips Aishwarya

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Pats and brickbats for her wardrobe choices have been a part and parcel of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's 15-year-old Cannes Film Festival journey. The internationally popular Bollywood actress says she doesn't shy away from dressing up, but teases that she may even opt for something as casual as a shirt and a pair of jeans for the red carpet.

one-day-ill-walk-red-carpet-in-white-shirt-and-jeansThis year, Aishwarya, who is a L'oreal Paris brand ambassador, began her series of appearances with a glittering gold cape dress, followed by a ravishing red Naeem Khan number. Thereafter, she looked elegant in a flowing and dreamy Elie Sab creation and then she chose an ensemble by India's veteran designer Rohit Bal. She ended up turning heads when she turned up sporting a purple pout, which took the focus away from her clothes in another appearance.

Asked if she feels a constant pressure to look a certain way, Aishwarya, who has worked in international movies like "Bride & Prejudice" and "Pink Panther", said in an interview: "It has been 15 years at Cannes and I remember coming here for the first time for 'Devdas' and I knew I belonged to showbiz forever. So, playing dress up has become way of life. I don't shy away from it.

Forget dieting, exercise can help you lose weight

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If you are trying to lose weight, better concentrate on not missing your exercise schedule rather than skipping your meal, suggests new research.

Researchers have found that exercise plays a significant role in the fight against obesity by promoting metabolic function and healthy shifts in gut microbes, the microscopic organisms in our intestines that break down food and can contribute to decreased obesity.

"These findings confirm that exercise is an important component of overall health and is critically important in the fight against obesity, especially during the juvenile period," said Victoria Vieira-Potter from the University of Missouri in the US.

The findings were published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

"The purpose of study was to look at exercise independently from weight loss and to determine other metabolic benefits associated with physical activity,” Vieira-Potter said.

“We aimed to tease out what effects on adipose, or fat tissue, were due to weight loss from diet, and what could be attributed to exercise," she added.

Sonam opts for 'sheer' black fun for Chopard party

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Taking a break from subtle colours, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, who is known as the fashionista of Hindi showbiz, added vintage glam to her appearance at the Chopard party here with a black strapless gown.

The actress turned up at the party on Monday in a custom-designed ball gown by Ralph and Russo, read a statement. 

sonam-opts-for-sheer-black-fun-for-chopard-partyThere was a vintage vibe along with touch of gothic appeal with ruffles adding volume to the ensemble. 

Her look was sophisticated, exuded grace but she also gave it a fun twist. Sonam highlighted her lips in bright red and eyes with minimal make-up. 

To sum up her look, she opted for the bling of Chopard diamond neckpiece and finished the look with a pair of lace gloves. 

Sonam, who is representing the cosmetic giant L’Oréal Paris at the ongoing film fest, is earning kudos for her fashion statements at the red carpet. 

From her white caped floor-sweeping gown, elegant champagne silk gown to a casual black dress, the “Khoobsurat” actress has been living up the fashionista tag and turning head on the red carpet in French Riviera. 

How germs may cause type-1 diabetes

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Germs could play a role in the development of Type-1 diabetes by triggering the body's immune system to destroy the cells that produce insulin, suggests new research.

how-germs-may-cause-type-1-diabetesType-1 diabetes is a very serious and hard to treat condition affecting mainly young people and children.

Previous research has shown that killer T-cells -- a type of white blood cell that normally protects us from germs -- play a major part in type-1 diabetes by destroying insulin producing cells, known as beta cells.

"The study identified part of a bug that turns on killer T-cells so they latch onto beta cells. This finding sheds new light on how these killer T-cells are turned into rogues, leading to the development of type-1 diabetes," said lead author Andy Sewell, professor at Cardiff University in Britain.

Sharman Joshi eagerly waiting to work on '3 Idiots' sequel

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Actor Sharman Joshi, who is known for his comic timing, is eagerly waiting to work with Rajkumar Hirani yet again -- and more so in a sequel to "3 Idiots".

While there were reports that Hirani is planning to make a sequel to "3 Idiots", Sharman told: "Yes, he (Hirani) did mention to me that he has an idea to make a sequel to '3 Idiots'. I am eagerly waiting for him to finish the script so that we can start working on it soon."

"3 Idiots" was one of the biggest money spinners at the Bollywood box office, and featured Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Boman Irani and Omi Vaidya.

Sharman, who started his career as a theatre actor, says he is now taking out more time to be part of theatre.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Priyanka Chopra wraps up 'Baywatch' shoot

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Actress Priyanka Chopra has wrapped up shooting for her international debut film "Baywatch".

The actress on Sunday shared a photograph of herself on Instagram, where she is seen with her back to the camera. 

"And it's a picture wrap on 'Baywatch'... Such a beautiful epic team on an epic film," Priyanka captioned the image, in which she is seen wearing a bright red jacket with 'Lifeguard' written across it.

The former beauty queen credited her co-stars Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron and other cast and crew of the film in the caption. 

"Lots of amazing hugs and love came my way... Much love and gratitude right back... See you soon," she added.

The "Baywatch" movie is based on the hugely popular 1990s TV series of the same name. The "Gunday" star, who will be essaying the character of Victoria Leeds in the film, also took to Instagram to share a photograph of herself along with director Seth Gordon. 

Run barefoot to boost your memory

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Running barefoot is better than running with shoes for your working memory which refers to our ability to recall and process information, according to a study.

run-barefoot-to-boost-your-memoryWorking memory is used throughout our lifespan. By improving it, we may be able to realise gains in key areas, from school to work to retirement.

"Working memory is increasingly recognised as a crucial cognitive skill, and these findings are great news for people looking for a fun way to boost their working memory," said one of the researchers, Tracy Alloway, from the University of North Florida in the US.

The researchers enlisted 72 participants between the ages of 18 and 44, who ran both barefoot and with shoes on at a comfortable, self-selected pace for approximately 16 minutes.

Keep away unhealthy snacks to cut obesity risk

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The proximity to snacks at workplace can increase your consumption behaviour, says a new study that focuses on how companies can promote healthy choices and still provide indulgent goodies.

Many companies provide free snacks and beverages to incentivise productivity and boost morale of its employees. However, unhealthy snacking may cause an office obesity epidemic.

The findings showed the proximity of snacks to free beverages increased the consumption rate.

The closer the snacks were placed to the drinks, the more people tended to eat, even a difference of a few feet mattered.

"It was a bit surprising that an extra few feet of distance between snacks and beverages yielded such a significant change in snacking frequency," said lead researcher Ernest Baskin, consumer behaviour expert and professor at Saint Joseph's University in the US.

Also, the snacking behaviour was found more in men as opposed to women.

Chef Vikas Khanna screens documentary on food at Cannes

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As celebrity chef #Vikas_Khanna premiered his documentary "Kitchens of Gratitude" at the ongoing 69th Cannes Film Festival on Saturday, celebrities congratulated him on the feat.

chef-vikas-khanna-screens-documentary-on-food-at-cannesIt was unveiled by Mohan Kumar, India’s Ambassador to France along with Leena Jaisani, senior director - Media and Entertainment division at Ficci, at the India Pavilion at the fest. 

“Michelin starred Chef Vikas Khanna is not just a culinary ambassador of India but is also helping create awareness of our culture globally. For Indians, food is a sacred expression of sharing and caring and with 'Kitchens of Gratitude', he has personified it.

"This is a small step but will go a long way in building bridges amongst communities and nations," Kumar said in a statement.

Pamper your taste bud at Foodhall's summer food festival

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Wondering where to visit to dig into some finest delicacies of summer? Why not make a stop at Foodhall, a premium lifestyle food superstore that brings in an epicurean adventure dedicated to summer flavours and recipes in their 'The Taste of Summer' food festival.

Foodhall’s demo counter has a live gazpacho station that serves summer favourites with cold soups like cucumber and celery gazpacho, classic spanish gazpacho, asparagus &basil gazpacho and melon marygazpacho. Relish some unique summer coolers like kokum and chia cooler, jalapeño lemonade, honey dew & tender coconut juice and rose petal iced tea.

A food festival in summer is incomplete without mangoes and making the most out of the ‘King of Fruits’, Foodhall is whipping some new recipes like mango charlotte, mango macaroon, chilled mango & lime ricotta cream, mango tart and Peach & mango yoghurt parafait.

Abhishek Bachchan awestruck by Aishwarya's Cannes look

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Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's glittering golden dress at the red carpet of the 69th Cannes Film Festival, left her husband Abhishek Bachchan truly awestruck.

abhishek-bachchan-awestruck-by-aishwarya-cannes-lookAbhishek expressed his admiration for Aishwarya, whom he married in 2007, on social media.

Abhishek posted an image of the "Jazbaa" actress in black and white hue on his Facebook and Instagram accounts and captioned it as: “They say a picture speaks a 1000 words. Seeing this photo I can think of many more...”.

The photograph features Aishwarya's side profile as she poses for shutterbugs in the gold designer beaded cape couture gown -- designed by Kuwait's Ali Younes -- that she wore for her first appearance at this year's edition of the Cannes movie extravaganza.

Kids who walk early likely to have stronger bones

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Kids, especially boys, who start walking, running and jumping early at 18 months of age are more likely to have stronger bones later in adulthood, a study has found.

kids-who-walk-early-likely-to-have-stronger-bonesThese movements in toddlers place a stress on the bones, causing them to become wider and thicker, thereby making them stronger than those in children who may not be moving as much, the study said.

The findings from the study may help to identify who is at a greater risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures in later life.

"The findings are intriguing as they provide a link which wasn't previously understood, primarily that how we move as a young child can have ramifications for our bone strength even 16 years later,” said lead researcher Alex Ireland from Manchester Metropolitan University in Britain.

South Africa targets Indian tourists

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South Africa has identified India as a key focus market for boosting tourism and it will shortly launch an aggressive campaign to attract tourists from there.

South African Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom announced this at the INDABA tourism fair here. He said that the country had received more than 80,000 Indian tourists last year and his ministry planned to dedicate to India a significant part of its advertising budget of nearly $8 million this year, with the objective of boosting significantly the arrivals from India.

"India has a huge potential and our challenge is to see what is needed in order for this market to grow and for us to get a fair share of the huge pool of Indian travellers," Hanekom told this correspondent.

He said Indian travellers felt at home in South Africa as they had a very large population of people of Indian origin, especially in Durban.

"Mahatma Gandhi had also lived here in Durban. Here, just like in India, we have different cultures and different religions living in harmony with one another," he added.