Saturday, 18 June 2016

Anupam Kher finishes shooting for 'The Big Sick'

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Veteran actor Anupam Kher has finished shooting for his 500th film "The Big Sick" in New York.

anupam-kher-finishes-shooting-for-big-sick"Finished shooting of my 500th film 'The Big Sick' in New York. It was a pleasure to be part of this landmark film. Jai ho," Anupam Tweeted on Friday night.

The 61-year-old actor also thanked the producers of "The Big Sick" for making him a part of the film, which also stars actors Holly Hunter, Ray Romano, Zoe Kazan and Kumail Nanjiani.

Flavour of season: Watermelon becomes king of summer

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Remember how mangoes ruled the menu cards last summer? This year the king of the fruits has been dethroned by refreshing watermelons.

flavour-of-season-watermelon-becomes-king-of-summerFull of health benefits and not burning a hole in your pocket, watermelons are now turning to be a preferred ingredient for restaurants and are used in salads, paired with cheese, juiced or slushed.

The fruit is also a hot favourite for the drinks menu.

"Watermelon is a seasonal fruit and has a lot of benefits. During summers it keeps you hydrated as it has a lot of water content... When it comes to preparing a drink -- watermelon is a good option as almost 90 percent of it is water. Mango on the other hand is a very traditional choice," says Ashish Singh, Corporate Chef, Cafe Delhi Heights.

Five directors to shoot climax of 'Chennai 600028' sequel

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In a first-of-its-kind attempt in Tamil cinema, five directors will collaborate to shoot the climax of filmmaker Venkat Prabhu's upcoming sequel to his 2007 Tamil coming-of-age sports drama "Chennai 600028".

five-directors-to-shoot-climax-of-chinnai-600028-sequelInterestingly, all the five directors are erstwhile assistants of Venkat Prabhu.

"The friendship theme of the film gets extended into its making as Venkat ropes in five of his former assistants to direct the climax portion. It's his toast to their friendship," read a statement from the makers.

The five directors are Venkatesh Ramakrishnan, Saravana Rajan, Sripathy, Chandru and Nagendran R.

Dysfunction in brain linked to sweet cravings in obese people

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Obese people may find it difficult to stay away from sweet foods than individuals who are lean, because of a dysfunction in their brains, finds a new study.

dysfunction-in-brain-linked-to-sweet-cravings-in-obese-peopleExtra body fat can exert effects on how our brains perceive rewards when we eat sweets, the study said.

The findings showed that the reward system in obese people brains' operates in a different manner than in those who are lean.

As people move from adolescence to adulthood, they tend to be less fond of sweets as a result of a decrease in dopamine levels -- the main chemical in the brain that makes us feel good. 

The fall in dopamine levels makes the older adults less attracted to sweets.

'Varsity Blues' actor dead at 45

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Actor Ron Lester, who starred in the 1999 football movie "Varsity Blues" and struggled with obesity throughout his life, has passed away. He was 45.

varsity-blues-actor-dead-at-45Lester had been hospitalised for about four months and had been battling liver and kidney problems. He died in Dallas on Friday, reports

His agent Dave Bradley posted on Facebook that he was not in pain and that his fiancee was with him.

Lester played Billy Bob in "Varsity Blues," which also starred Paul Walker and James Van Der Beek, and also appeared in "Not Another Teen Movie" and "Good Burger". 

On TV, he had a recurring role on the series "Popular" and played Seidleman on "Freaks and Geeks". He also guest starred on "CSI: NY" and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch". 

Topping the scales at 508 pounds, Lester nearly died after having gastric bypass surgery but recovered and lost more than 300 pounds. However, he was not in demand to play the "fat guy" roles after his extreme weight loss.

INOX cinema to raise awareness about yoga

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INOX Leisure Ltd (INOX), a cinema exhibition chain, has teamed up with Isha Foundation to celebrate the International Day of Yoga (IDY) on June 21 by giving yoga a modern twist.

inox-cinema-to-raise-awareness-about-yogaIsha Foundation is a spiritual organisation. 

#YogawithINOX, the first of its kind initiative by a movie exhibitor, will be brought alive at over 100 INOX cinema properties to provide an interactive experience to the movie-going individual. 

The hour-long film is a short story of young people seeking to know about yoga. One of the aspects of the film is how yoga can be used for personal transformation, a statement said. 

Angelina Jolie's children learning seven languages

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Actress Angelina Jolie shared that her children are learning seven languages between them.

angelina-jolies-children-learning-seven-languagesJolie has six children - Maddox, 14, Pax, 12 , Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10 and seven-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

"I asked them what languages they wanted to learn and Shiloh's learning Khmer, which is the Cambodian language, Pax is focusing on Vietnamese, Mad has taken to German and Russian, Zahara's speaking French, Vivienne really wanted to learn Arabic and Knox is learning sign language," Jolie spoke on Radio 4's Woman's Hour, reports

Increase vitamin D levels to cut kidney problems

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A deficiency in the amount of vitamin D in the body may lead to high risk of chronic kidney diseases, especially in children, says a new study.

Vitamin D deficiency has been found common in children with chronic kidney disease (CKD) -- the longstanding disease of the kidneys leading to renal failure. 

Researchers have identified certain modifiable and non-modifiable factors associated with vitamin D deficiency in children with CKD. 

According to the study, nearly two-thirds of children suffering from vitamin D deficiency were also suffering from certain abnormalities like glomerulopathy -- a set of diseases affecting the nephrons.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Boring, dirty workplace can hamper your brain

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Do you find your office dull, boring and unhygienic? Beware that spending long time at such workplace can hamper your brain function, leading to a decline in reasoning, memory, attention and language capabilities.

According to researchers from the Florida State University, both lack of stimulation in the workplace and dirty working environment can have a long-term cognitive effect on employees.

"Psychologists say that the brain is a muscle, while industrial hygienists point to chemicals in the work environment that may cause decline," said lead researcher Joseph Grzywacz, the Norejane Hendrickson Professor of family and child sciences.

Alia Bhatt sings second song with Diljit Dosanjh

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Actress Alia Bhatt feels honoured singing her second song with Punjabi singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh.

Alia, who surprised her fans by lending her vocal prowess to the song "Samjhawan" for the 2014 film "Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania", says she had fun shooting the new song with her "Udta Punjab" co-star. 

"Such an honour to sing my second song with Diljit Dosanjh! Had too much fun while shooting it! Thank you. Amit Trivedi. 'Dogana Jodi," Alia tweeted on Friday.

Based on the growing drug menace in the state of Punjab, the film is directed by Abhishek Chaubey. It also features Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Varun Dhawan meets Sachin Tendulkar

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Actor Varun Dhawan, currently awaiting the release of his upcoming film "Dishoom", met legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

Varun shared a photograph of himself with Tendulkar. In the shared image, the "Badlapur" star can be seen sporting his costume from the Rohit Dhawan directorial. Tendulkar, on the other hand, looks dapper in a check shirt, navy blue coat paired with beige pants. 

"When Junaid Ansari met the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar. It's part of the case 'Dishoom' diaries," Varun tweeted on Friday. 

Fashion is saturated these days, says Indian-American designer

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Fashion has become saturated nowadays, and so it's vital that new entrants in the industry have the right knowledge of the craft, business and potential consumers, says Indian-American designer Tina Tandon, who has clients of the likes of Hollywood celebrities Brooke Shields and Padma Lakshmi.

Tandon, who has spent a decade working in the fashion world and has a label T.Tandon, says newcomers need to be "respectful to the craft".

"If you want to become a designer, study it, take courses in it. You have to also work in the industry for a while, get a feel of it, before you decide to branch out on your own," the designer told in an email interview from New York.

“Fashion is so saturated these days that you not only have to know the people you want to cater to, but also fine-tune your unique selling point and aesthetic as well. It can get discouraging sometimes, but it’s important to stay passionate and believe in what you have to offer,” she added. 

The designer, whose forte is pret in women's western wear, also believes that one needs to know fashion and design inside out to have a footing in the industry. 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Ryan Kwanten a good kisser: Alexander Skarsgard

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Actor Alexander Skarsgard thinks his “True Blood” co-actor Ryan Kwanten is a better kisser than actresses Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman.

ryan-kwanten-good-kisser-alexander-skarsgardSkarsgard shared a steamy sex scene with Kwanten in “True Blood” in 2014 and found the experience "very tender".

He made the confession while promoting “The Legend of Tarzan” on Australian TV show “The Project”, reports

Can sad music help you overcome grief?

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The answer to the question is both yes and no as researchers have found that listening to sad music is associated with three types of experiences - pleasure, comfort and pain.

can-sad-music-help-you-overcome-griefFor the study, the musicologists looked at the emotional experiences associated with sad music of 2,436 people across three large-scale surveys in Britain and Finland.

The researchers said that the majority of people surveyed highlighted the enjoyable nature of such experiences, which in general lead to clear improvement of mood.

Listening to sad music led to feelings of pleasure related to enjoyment of the music in some people, or feelings of comfort where sad music evoked memories in others, the findings showed.

'Matilda' star comes out as bisexual

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Actress Mara Wilson, who starred in 1996 film "Matilda", has come out as a bisexual.

Following the Orlando mass shooting, which claimed the lives of 49 people at a gay nightclub, the 28-year-old actress made the revelation on Twitter by posting a series of tweets including the one stating that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community has "always felt like home" to her, reports 

matilda-star-comes-out-as-bisexualShe uploaded an old photograph of herself inside a gay nightclub when she was 18 years old. 

"Me at a gay club when I was eighteen. I feel embarrassed looking at it now... Being a 'straight girl' where I clearly didn't belong, but I will say, I felt so welcomed there," Wilson captioned the image. 

She said that she felt not only accepted but also welcomed by the LGBT community. 

"I have never had a better experience at a club than I did then. Great music and people. And one of my friends met his partner that night," she shared. 

Drink cranberry juice daily to ward off urinary infection

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Drinking a 240 ml glass of cranberry juice per day can help women to keep urinary infection at bay, says a study led by an Indian-origin researcher. The study suggests that cranberries can also aid in decreasing the worldwide use of antibiotics.

drink-cranberry-juice-daily-to-ward-off-urinary-infectionUrinary tract infection (UTIs) is an infection in any part of the urinary system, the kidneys, bladder or urethra.

The findings showed that daily consumption of an 8-ounce glass of cranberry juice can reduce symptomatic UTIs by nearly 40 per cent in women with recurrent UTIs.

Also, it will help decrease the antibiotic use associated with treating recurrent UTIs.

Pack smart, easy for your next trip

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Going for a holiday or work trip out of station? Pack it light and right for convenience.

Himanshu Periwal, Vice President, Growth of travel search engine ixigo, has shared a few tips on how to get it right:

pack-smart-easy-for-your-next-trip♦ It is easier to fold your clothes while packing your suitcase to use the space properly. Heavier apparel should be kept at the bottom and lighter clothes can be placed on top to keep them wrinkle free.

♦ If you need formals during the trip, place them on the top for easy access.

♦ It is always advisable to keep small travel-sized shampoos, deodorants, shower gel, toothpaste et al. Make sure that you seal all the bottles of your toiletries. Unscrew the cap, place a piece of cling wrap on top and screw the cap back on to avoid any kind of leakage.

CBFC should only classify films: Shabana Azmi

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Veteran actress and social activist Shabana Azmi says the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) should neither censor nor certify films, instead only classify them.

The 65-year-old's comment came after the censorship controversy that surrounded director Abhishek Chaubey's directorial "Udta Punjab", where the makers got into a battle with the censor board, which first suggested as many as 89 cuts in the movie. Thereafter, its Revising Committee asked for 13 cuts. 

The Bombay High Court on Monday cleared the film for release with one cut and three disclaimers. 

"CBFC should become a body that does not censor or even certify only classify films. That gives the audience the choice to watch a film or not," Shabana tweeted.

Coffee at 'normal' temperature won't give you cancer: WHO

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Drinking coffee at “normal” temperature would not increase your risk of contracting cancer, says a new report by the World Health Organisation's cancer research arm.

coffee-at-normal-temperature-wont-give-you-cancerThe WHO classified coffee as a possible carcinogen in 1991, for its potential link to bladder cancer.

Based on a review of more than 1,000 studies, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the WHO, said on Wednesday that coffee cannot be classified as a carcinogen.

Prince William appears on cover of gay magazine

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Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has become the first member of the British royal family to appear on the cover of a gay magazine.

prince-william-appears-on-cover-of-gay-magazineWilliam features in the July issue of Attitude magazine, discussing the mental health implications of homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic bullyings, The Guardian reported.

The cover of the magazine, which is available for download now, shows a smiling William, wearing a white open-necked shirt, with the caption: “Making History, Prince William meets Attitude". 

Astrology tips to follow before getting hitched

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Compatibility between partners is a very significant point to consider before taking the plunge into marriage. To avoid broken marriages, check the zodiac signs and choose the right astrology advisors, says an expert.

Matchmaking Vedic Astrology has gained prominence lately as it offers various tools and remedies for promoting happy, prosperous and stable marriages.

The matchmaking astrology essentially deals with flawless and scrupulous matching of the birth horoscopes of the two concerned persons. Guna Milan, Manglik analysis, analysis of other Doshas and Yogas et al are some of its time-tested methods of astrology through which it provides its recommendation to be followed before finalising any matrimonial alliance.

Paris Jackson says tattoos helped her cover 'dark past'

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Paris Jackson, daughter of the late pop star Michael Jackson, says her tattoos are more than just body art to her and that they represent the struggles she has overcome.

The 18-year-old -- who attempted to take her own life in 2013 -- shared an Instagram post on Tuesday, saying that the tattoos have covered the scars on her arms and reminded her that she is "a fighter", reports

"I can look at my inner forearms and see art that has meaning for me. I don't see a dark past anymore. My scars and past of self-hatred have been covered by loving marks, creativity, ingenuity and depth," Paris wrote. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

For children, attractive faces may be trustworthy

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If you are less than attractive, it is likely that a child may not trust you, says a new study, suggesting that for kids an individual's trustworthiness is linked to how attractive they find him or her.

for-children-attractive-faces-may-be-trustworthyThe findings showed that the ability to make the judgement about one's trustworthiness develops as one grows older. 

Also, girls proved to be better at trustworthiness judgement than boys.

In addition, the children were also found to look to a person's attractiveness as an indication of their character.

People use facial cues to make judgements on a person's character -- and this ability to infer social traits is a crucial part of social functioning and development, the researchers said. 

'Choose only a licensed doctor for hair transplantation'

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Hair loss can be very traumatic. But one should not compromise on "quality" while undergoing hair transplantation, says a city dermatologist.

In a recent case, a 22-year-old final year MBBS student who underwent hair transplantation at a salon died the following day after surgery in Chennai.

According to media reports, his death was triggered by allergy to anaesthesia, which went undiagnosed.

"It's not a rare case because a lot many patients get duped by such small time clinics and shady salons. There are a lot of grey areas where patients are mislead," said Rohit Batra, dermatologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, here.

Roposo adds new business feature in app

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Fashion and lifestyle social network Roposo has announced the launch of "Business Profile" feature which will allow users to mark their account as a business profile.

“There was a huge demand from users for features that augment brand visibility and enable deeper engagement with their customers. Now, they can build 'Business Profiles' and leverage greater customer insights to attain higher reach and sales,” said Kaushal Shubhank, co founder of Roposo, in a statement.

Another feature of the "business profile" is the ability to add a location to the account. 

Diabetes drug can reduce risk of heart and kidney disease

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An injectable drug widely used to lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes, can also reduce the risk of dying from heart disease and advanced kidney disease, finds a new study.

diabetes-drug-can-reduce-risk-of-heart-and-kidney-diseaseThe findings showed that taking liraglutide drug can safely and effectively decrease by 13 per cent the overall risk of heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular death, which is the major cause of mortality in people with Type 2 diabetes. 

Also, liraglutide lowered the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 22 per cent and the risk of all-cause mortality by 15 per cent.

In addition, it also decreases the risk of new evidence of advanced kidney disease by 22 per cent.

Eat more whole grains to live longer

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Consuming nearly four servings of whole grains such as bran, oatmeal and quinoa a day can reduce the risk of premature death, says a new study.

eat-more-whole-grains-to-live-longerThe findings showed that the multiple bio-active compounds in the whole grains contribute to various health benefits.

Also, whole grains contain high fiber that is likely to lower cholesterol production, glucose response and increase satiety.

Further, people who consume around 70 grams of whole grains a day showed 22 per cent lower risk of total mortality, 23 per cent lower risk of heart diseases mortality as well as a 20 per cent lower risk of cancer mortality in comparison to those who ate little or no whole grains.

Household air pollution may up risk of heart attack

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Long-term exposure to household air pollution from fuels, such as kerosene or diesel, is likely to increase the risk of heart attack and death, warn researchers including an Indian origin scientist.

eat-more-whole-grains-to-live-longerOne-half of the world's population lives in poverty and burns fuels for lighting, cooking and heating purposes, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

"Our study is the first to find a significant and independent increased risk for all-cause, total cardiovascular disease and heart attack deaths due to increasing lifetime exposures to household air pollution from kerosene or diesel burning," said lead researcher Sumeet Mitter from Northwestern University in the US.

The findings showed that participants who burned kerosene or diesel were at a six per cent higher risk of dying from all causes during 10-year period.

While they were at 11 per cent increased risk of cardiovascular death, they also showed a 14 per cent increase in ischemic (clot-caused) heart disease.

Conversely, those who used cleaner fuels, such as natural gas, were found to have a six percent lower risk of cardiovascular death compared to other fuels.

Enjoy mentoring children: Shekhar Ravjiani

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enjoy-mentoring-children-shekhar-ravjianiSinger-composer Shekhar Ravjiani, who will soon be seen as a coach on the upcoming singing reality show "The Voice India Kids", says he enjoys mentoring children and is happy to be part of the show.

"I've always enjoyed being a mentor when it comes to children and was happy that I could work around my schedule to make myself available to appear on 'The Voice India Kids'," Ravjiani, who has previously appeared as a judge on popular shows like "Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star", "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa" and "Indian Idol Junior", said in a statement.

"It's always good to be part of a show like 'The Voice India Kids' that plays a role in unearthing the sheer musical talent that the children of our country possess," he added.

Stop judging films without viewing them: Shahid

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Shahid Kapoor's controversial film "Udta Punjab" is finally set for this Friday release, and the actor has urged everyone to stop judging films without watching them.

stop-judging-films-without-viewing-them"Stop judging the films and characters after seeing one-minute promo. It's a two and half hour film. If you feel any credibility in people sitting out here, please wait till you view the film before passing judgement or creating a controversy. 

"All the controversies were created without viewing it. Our names and images are at stake. Why would we do that to ourselves?," Shahid told reporters at the "Udta Punjab" press conference here on Tuesday.

Anupam Kher dedicates his 500 films milestone to 'unsung' heroes

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Veteran actor Anupam Kher, currently shooting for his 500th film "The Big Sick" here, has dedicated his achievement to the “unsung, nameless and faceless workers" of the entertainment industry who work behind the camera.

The National School of Drama (NSD) alumnus was only 28 when he took on the role of a retired middle class Maharashtrian man, who had lost his son, in his debut film "Saaransh", directed by Mahesh Bhatt in 1984.

“It has taken me 32 years to achieve this watershed moment, but when I look back, it is as if all that time has flashed by in a blink,” Anupam said in a statement.

“Many people have played an important role in my career. The producers and directors gave me work. But I want to dedicate this achievement to the unsung, nameless and faceless workers of our industry: the spot boys, the technicians, the assistant cameramen, the make-up artists, the costume assistants; indeed everyone working behind the scenes to make the magic happen for the big screen,” he added.

Directed by Michael Showalter, "The Big Sick" deals with the marriage of a Pakistani with an American woman.

The film, which stars Holly Hunter, Ray Romano, Zoe Kazan and Kumail Nanjiani, is slated to release next year. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Eating peanuts cause zero health risk in infants

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Consuming peanuts products during early infancy can have zero effect on the growth of a child and on his or her nutrition, confirms a study.

eating-peanuts-cause-zero-health-riskThe findings showed that peanut consumption in infancy can have no negative effect on a child's growth as well as nutrition.

"The results reassured that peanut consumption did not affect the duration of breastfeeding, thus countering concerns that introduction of solid foods before six months of age could reduce breastfeeding duration," said led author Mary Feeney from King's College London.

Sarandon doesn't get why models are told to look 'unhappy'

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Actress Susan Sarandon says that she doesn't like the concept of models on the runway being asked to look like “they're p***ed off”.

“The thing that bothers me is when I see runway shows with these young women who are wearing fabulous clothes that are gorgeous and they look so unhappy. When did that start? In fashion shows, everyone has to look so p***ed off,” quoted Sarandon as saying, reports

Reminiscing the time when designer Todd Oldham had his shows, the 69-year-old actress says that his shows “used to be fun”. 

Want people to respect my privacy: Liam Hemsworth

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Actor Liam Hemsworth says that he just wants people to respect his privacy.

The “Independence Day: Resurgence” star, who has rekindled his romance with singer Miley Cyrus, prefers to keep his personal life away from the spotlight, reports

"I just want people to be respectful of my privacy. I don't go out of my way to attract that kind of attention, or feel I owe anyone a show and tell. Some other celebrities don't mind, but I like to keep my personal life apart and keep the noise at bay,” Sunday Style magazine quoted Hemsworth as saying.

I'm a secret psycho: Kelly Brook

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British model and actress Kelly Brook has revealed she is a "secret psycho", who broke into her boyfriend's phone to see if he was a cheat when they first met.

The 36-year-old star admitted that she checked her French beau Jeremy Parisi's mobile device without his knowledge and even sent screenshots of the messages to her French speaking cousin because she couldn't understand his native tongue, reports

"I'm a secret psycho. I like to be ahead of the game. So when I met my boyfriend, I got the password to his phone early," Brook told The Sun newspaper. 

Karisma Kapoor, Sunjay Kapur granted divorce

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A family court here on Monday granted a divorce to Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor and Delhi-based businessman Sunjay Kapur, bringing an end to their messy separation battle.

Karisma's lawyer Kranti Sathe told: “Today (Monday), the court granted them the divorce after verifying everything that was written."

karisma-kapoor-sunjay-kapur-granted-divorceThe custody of their two children -- daughter Samaira and son Kiaan -- went to Karisma, Sathe said.

Sunjay will have access to them for two weekends during vacations.

When contacted, Karisma's father and veteran actor Randhir Kapoor said: “I don’t want to comment on this. The matter is closed where we are concerned.”

Black actors dominate Tony Awards winners' list

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Actors of colour won big at the Tony Awards, a counterpoint to the controversy that surrounded the 88th Academy Awards, which nominated zero non-white stars earlier this year.

All four musical acting categories included a diverse group of nominees, and in the end four actors of colour took the stage to accept their awards at the ceremony that took place Sunday night at the Beacon Theater, reports 

Three of the wins came from the cast of the musical "Hamilton". Leslie Odom Jr took home the trophy for best actor, while Daveed Diggs and ReneĆ© Elise Goldsberry bagged the awards for their work in the acclaimed musical. 

Frontrunner Cynthia Erivo won for her performance in "The Color Purple", a victory that prompted tears from producer Oprah Winfrey. 

Zareen invited by college to talk on personality development

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Actress Zareen Khan has been invited by a management college here to talk on personality development with regard to building self-confidence and fighting body shamers.

"It feels great to be invited by a college and interact on a subject that I feel strongly about. Looking forward to it," Zareen, who has often been made fun of on social media for her weight, said in a statement. 

On the work front, the "Hate Story 3" star will next be seen in Sai Kabir's "Divine Lovers". Zareen has also been roped in to feature in the sequel to the 2006 film "Aksar".

Aamir Khan reveals muscular look for 'Dangal'

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Superstar Aamir Khan on Monday revealed his muscular look for his upcoming film “Dangal”, in which he will be seen playing the role of a young Indian wrestler named Mahaveer Phogat.

aamir-khan-reveals-muscular-look-for-dangalAamir used the digital platform to share an image of his muscular look.

Clad in a black ganji (vest), Aamir has a beefed up look in the image clicked by photographer Avinash Gowariker.

He tweeted it and captioned it as: “Two days to go before I shoot for young Mahaveer. Avinash Gowariker.”

In the movie, the actor showcases different ages of the wrestler. He has been undergoing rigorous workout sessions for this. He had to previously gain weight going from 68 kg to 93 kg in six months for his role of the ageing wrestler during the first phase of the film's shoot.

Shekhar Kapur's tryst with Shakespeare for 'Will'

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Renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, who is bringing a TV series titled "Will" about the exploits of young William Shakespeare, has opened up about his experience working on a television project.

Q. You have just completed a dazzling episode of a series on Shakespeare for the TNT channel. How was the experience?

shekhar-kapurs-tryst-with-shakespeare-for-willA. It's called "Will". I am producing the entire series. It's a $75-million show. We have to create 9 more episodes of Series 1. If It's successful it goes to Series 2.

Q. Will you direct all the episodes?

A. It is not possible for one director to do the entire show. But I'll definitely be directing some of the episodes. Since I am the producer-director I have to make sure that the entire series has the same qualities that you saw in the pilot which I directed. So I'll definitely get in there and direct some episodes. We start shooting on September 1 and on January 1, 2017 it starts telecast all over the world.

Q. I hope it comes to India?

A. Of course it will.

Q. The young actor Laurie Davidson who plays Shakespeare is an amazing talent?

A. You know where I found him? In acting school! I must tell you the search for Shakespeare was no less arduous than my search for "Elizabeth".

How to keep your make-up products safe during monsoon

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As monsoon approaches, it is important to keep one's make-up safe from humidity and dampness. Here's how.

Beauty expert Ishika Taneja, Executive Director, Alps Group, lists a few steps that one can take to safeguard make-up during the rainy season. 

♦ Store well: As powder-based products emerge as your best friends in rainy weather, prove them your love by storing them well. Place all your powder-based products like compact face powder, eye shadows and other items in an airy and dry cabinet to keep dampness away from it.

♦ Re-sealing task: Keeping the laziness away, make sure to close the covers and lids of each product tightly after every use to not have your products face the monsoon air. This prevents it by getting dampened which might further affect their quality and results.

♦ Waterproof travel: As we never know of sudden shower surprises during rains, use a waterproof bag or slip pouch to store the make-up while travelling in the rainy season. 

Monday, 13 June 2016

Cindy Crawford's son makes runway debut

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Supermodel Cindy Crawford's son Presley Gerber made his runway debut during Jeremy Scott's Moschino Resort show here.

Yolanda Hadid's son Anward Hadid too made his maiden runway appearance along with Gerber, reports

The teenagers received endless praise from their famous family members via social media as well as in the audience.

Irrfan Khan, Tom Hanks reunite for 'Inferno' promotions

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Bollywood's acclaimed actor #IrrfanKhan has reunited with Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks for the promotions of their upcoming film "Inferno" here.

Irrfan took to Twitter to share a photograph of himself with the film's director Ron Howard and Hanks. 

Gigi Hadid pens emotional message for Zayn Malik

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Model #GigiHadid has penned an emotional message of support for former One Direction singer #ZaynMalik, who opened up to his fans about his struggles with anxiety.

Malik pulled out of a performance at Capital FM's Summertime Ball here due to what he described as "the worst anxiety of my career". 

Hadid shared the note on her social media page on Sunday, praising the singer for his honesty, reports 

Bombay HC overrules CBFC, clears 'Udta Punjab' with one cut

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The Bombay High Court on Monday overruled the CBFC recommended 13 cuts to the Bollywood film #UdtaPunjab and cleared the film for release with one cut and three disclaimers by the filmmakers here.

A division bench comprising Justice S.C. Dharmadhikari and Justice Shalini Phansalkar-Joshi also directed the Central Board of Film Certification to issue an 'A' Certificate to the film which is scheduled for release on Friday.

Diabetes and heart disease a deadly combination: Study

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People with Type 2 diabetes who are admitted into the hospital for congestive heart failure face a one in four chance of dying over the next 18 months, a global study has warned.

The findings paint a much grimmer picture of the outcome for diabetes patients with severe heart disease.

diabetes-and-heart-disease-deadly-combination-study“Type 2 diabetes accompanied by an acute coronary syndrome needs much more attention, especially in order to prevent yet another major cardiac event,” said main investigator William.B.White from University of Connecticut Health Centre (UConn Health).

Patients with Type 2 diabetes have two to three times the heart disease risk of the general population.

This is partly because obesity and other illnesses such as hypertension and elevated cholesterol contribute to both diseases, but there are concerns that some of the medications that help control blood sugar may also damage the heart.

Born small, stress in pregnancy ups health risk in women

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Women who were born with a lower birth weight and also experienced a stressful pregnancy are likely to be at an increased risk of developing long-term health problems, finds a new study.

The research explored what low maternal birth weight and exposure to stress could mean to the health of a mother post pregnancy.

"The study found that stress and low birth weight can independently affect cardiovascular, kidney, adrenal and metabolic health of mothers long after the pregnancy," said lead author Jean Ni Cheong, doctoral student at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

However, having both risk factors did not lead to more severe outcomes, the researchers said.

For the study, published in the Journal of Physiology, the team used a rat model where restricting oxygen, nutrient and blood supply during pregnancy led to offspring being born with a low birth weight.

Vijay Deverakonda plays a medical surgeon in his next

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Actor Vijay Deverakonda, known for his work in films like "Life is Beautiful" and "Yevade Subramanyam", plays a medical surgeon in his upcoming Telugu romantic drama "Arjun Reddy".

"It's an emotional love story set against the backdrop of a medical college. Vijay plays a surgeon and he's paired with newbie Shalini, a theatre artist from Jabalpur. The regular shooting starts from June 20 in Hyderabad," film's director Sandeep Vanga told.

vijay-deverakonda-plays-medical-surgeon-in-his-nextCalling it a contemporary and urban love story, Sandeep says the film will stand out for its very realistic treatment.

The film is titled after the lead character's name.

"This is a character-driven story and what more could be a convincing title than my hero's name itself. Titles are very important to create pre-release buzz and such a powerful title will get easily registered in audiences' minds," he said.

Also starring Jia Sharma, Sanjay Swaroop and Gopinath Bhat, the film will be shot in Hyderabad, Mangalore, Delhi, Dehradun and Italy.

Exercise in middle age can prevent memory loss later in life

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#Regularexercise of any type in middle age - from walking the dog to mountain climbing -- is the best #lifestylechange you can make to #preventmemoryloss in the later years, suggest results of a 20-year study.

"The message from our study is very simple. Do more #physicalactivity, it doesn’t matter what, just move more and more often. It helps your heart, your body and prevents obesity and diabetes and now we know it can help your brain,” said study author Cassandra Szoeke, associate professor at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

exercise-in-middle-age-can-prevent-memory-loss-later-in-life"It could even be something as simple as going for a walk, we weren’t restrictive in our study about what type,” Szoeke noted.

For the study, the researchers followed 387 Australian women from the Women’s Healthy Ageing Project for two decades. 

The women were aged 45 to 55-years-old when the study began in 1992.

The research team made notes of their lifestyle factors, including exercise and diet.

They were also asked to learn a list of 10 unrelated words and attempt to recall them half an hour later, known as an Episodic Verbal Memory test.

Diet deeply affects your sleep quality

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An individual's caloric intake and body weight can deeply influence the time spent in specific sleep stages, says a new study.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania analysed sleep patterns among 36 healthy adults who experienced two consecutive nights of 10 hours in bed per night at the university hospital. 

diet-deeply-affects-your-sleep-qualityUsing polysomnography, the researchers recorded physiological changes that occur during sleep on the second night.

Body composition and resting energy expenditure were assessed on the morning following the first night of sleep, while food and drink intake was measured each day.

The researchers found that body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage and resting energy expenditure were not significant predictors of sleep stage duration, but that overweight adults exhibited a higher percentage of time spent in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep than normal-weight adults.

Queen Elizabeth II, family mark 90th birthday with parade

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In grand celebrations to mark her 90th birthday, Queen Elizabeth II sported a daring neon green outfit as she greeted the public, impossible to miss in her horse and open carriage, even past the thousands of viewers and hundreds of marching officers.

Celebrations began with the traditional Trooping the Colour, a spectacular display of more than 1,400 officers and men in their famous red jackets and black bearskin hats, with 200 horses and more than 400 musicians.

The whole royal family -- including young Prince George and Princess Charlotte -- joined the nation's longest-serving monarch on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for a wave to the people and an exhilarating flypast.

Princess Charlotte also made her first public appearance with the rest of the royal family, joining older brother Prince George and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.