Monday, 17 April 2017

Alia played cupid for fans, doles out love tips

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From hosting a dinner to break the ice to forcing them to plan a surprise for you together, actress #Alia_Bhatt plays a perfect #love_guru for those friends who shy away from expressing their liking for each other.

Cornetto's brand ambassador Alia Bhatt shares how she plays the role of cupid for her friends while launching the new Cornetto Pack of Sharing!

* Make them collaborate on a surprise for you: Force them to plan a party for you. This gives them the opportunity to constantly be in touch with each other and talk about the one person they both love. And the person they both love has very slyly played cupid, for their budding romance!

* Dine in: Plan a dinner party for all your common friends. Food, wine and some good music are the perfect elements to lighten the atmosphere and have some fun. The best way to wind up dinner is with some delicious dessert. Have one less serving off dessert and offer the last little indulgence to the two of them, and if they share then you are going in the right direction.
* Offer your support: Whether you suggest hosting a dinner or meet for casual drinks to ease the tension and break the ice, let each know that you are there if they want you to be, without really needing to say so.

* Be prepared: Chances are you are more excited about this than either of your friends. Infact, unless they already know and have hinted at liking each other, they are entering the date with caution and trepidation. Expect things not to work out, and if they do you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Do not forget to not let this affect your efforts to play cupid or your relationship with either of them.

* Don't pry: Once they have finally decided to go on a date, you need to curtail your excitement and not text them a 1000 times each. Let the process naturally unfold, and when the time is right they will tell you about it. You can however casually check how they are doing, and if they decide to let you in on more details.

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