Saturday, 22 April 2017

Checklist for destination wedding

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Apart from picking a venue for the #wedding, it is important to come up with an interesting itinerary and keep a constant check on guests while planning a #destinationwedding, say experts.

Kunal Rai, Events Head at Tamarind Global, and Pooja Ghai, Managing Director at Tranquiil Weddings, have shared a list of things that must be kept in mind while planning a destination wedding. 

* Destination selection: One needs to make sure that the destination selected has good accessibility and flight connectivity for guests and good infrastructure. 

* Venue selection: The second thing that one must keep in mind is selection of the hotel. This is almost as important as the destination. At times, the hotel takes precedence and the destination is chosen because of a property. Not only should the hotel have enough rooms to accommodate all the guests, it must also have enough venues -- indoor and outdoors.
* RSVP: For all destination weddings, RSVP is the most important thing. Since it's a destination wedding there are always last minute inclusions and cancellations. So while planning for RSVP, all this must be taken into consideration. RSVP also means a lot of personalised calls, messages and follow ups. 

* Itinerary: The itinerary must be planned in such a manner that time should be balanced out equally. The guests should be involved in some activity or the other as well as get some free time to relax. Planning activities between functions is important as we don't want our guests to be bored sitting in their room and doing nothing. 

The objective of doing a destination wedding is to involve the guests. Also, while planning the itinerary, the same must be communicated to the guests on a daily basis and itinerary cards must be placed in their respective rooms for their convenience.

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