Thursday, 27 April 2017

Diamond shapes define your personality too

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Oval, pear or heart -- #diamond shapes are many and so are the personalities of the ones who wear them. Diamonds can give a peek into your personality, say experts.

Jewellery designer Anushka Jain, brand Vararoha, and jewellery designer Pooja Juneja share a list of diamond shapes and personalities of the wearer: 

* Oval: It has a lengthening affect that gives a longer illusion to the hand, resulting in more slender-looking fingers. 

Personality: Creative, bold and innovative.

* Pear: The beautiful fluidity of the pear shaped diamond evokes delicate calm with elegant sophistication. 

Personality: Fun and adventurous.
* Marquise: The long shape of the diamond allows for fingers to look leaner. 

Personality: Extrovert, innovative, ambitious and passionate at confronting challenges of life.

* Heart: The symbolic shape of the heart diamond instantly evokes the innocence and purity of love. 

Personality: Sentimental, sensitive and romantic.

* Round cut: In most cases, the first solitaire purchased is the round shape, classic, contemporary and timeless. Women who flaunt it don't want to go wrong when spending on diamonds. It is also one of the most expensive shapes.

Personality: They are well researched and well informed, though they are not the very experimental ones and want to play safe.

* Princess cut: The princess cut -- square or in a trapezoid shape -- is the second most popular after the classic round. 

Personality: She is more experimental and wants to prove herself.

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