Friday, 21 April 2017

I love skiing: Hugh Jackman

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Actor #HughJackman says he loves to ski, but is not great at it.

"I love skiing. I picked it up when I was 18 so never got great but tried to learn it," Jackman said in a statement. 

It was for this love that the actor opted to do several ski jumping scenes in "Eddie the Eagle" -- about a British underdog ski jumper who made it big at the 1988 Winter Olympics -- himself. 

The actor says he had fun doing the scenes of the film, which will air in India on Star Movies Select HD on Saturday.
Talking about skiing, Jackman's co-star Taron Egerton said: "I learnt it for the movie and I am okay. I was getting there and naturally my instinct is self-preservation before I think but Hugh's awesome."

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