Tuesday, 11 April 2017

'Indian fashion adorns modern vision of timeless crafts'

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#Indian_fashion today adorns a contemporary and modern vision of the country's timeless crafts, feel designer duo #Ankur and #Priyanka_Modi of brand AM:PM, who credit the Indian government for playing a significant role in that.

"Indian fashion today adorns a contemporary and modern vision of our timeless crafts. Having being born in a country known to be rich for its diverse culture and heritage weaves, it is only natural to integrate our passion with tradition," Ankur told.

Added Priyanka: "We feel the government's focus and support has helped create awareness of our famed history, which in turn has reignited the pride we once felt in things which were Indian, and which then has lead to demand of the indegenous product, craft and textiles. 
"The demand has led us all to innovate and revive the Indian craft and craftsmanship, not the forcefulness of the government."

The designer duo has come up with their new Spring/Summer 2017 collection, inspired by life during the British Raj.

Following the label's endeavour to translate these bygone crafts into a contemporary vision, the collection celebrates Indian chintz, botanical and geometric patterns. 

Replete with breezy asymmetrical modern cuts and silhouettes, the line explores a visual dialogue between fashion and colonial India. One can see the variants like high-waist cropped pants, dhoti pants with peplum blouses, elaborate jackets, wrap dresses, kurti-palazzos and churidar suits in the collection.

The range highlights khadi, a homespun fabric that became a symbol of patriotism with Mahatma Gandhi's endorsement.

Ankur feels that "simultaneous efforts of the government and the fashion industry have led to dramatic awareness, desire and innovation in the Indian crafts sector".

"It is in great sync that both the stakeholders have worked and been able to create such great demand for local textiles and weaves. It is very exciting to see so many designers interspersing authentic weaves and fabrics with their individual modern sensibility, bringing fresh and unique languages to the audience," added Priyanka.

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