Thursday, 27 April 2017

Katie Price not a fan of Kim's 'big' derriere

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British TV personality and glamour model #Katie_Price says she doesn't like reality TV star #Kim_Kardashian's "big" derriere.

Price's comments come after a few "un-airbrushed" photographs of Kim wearing a bikini while on holiday in Mexico spread on social media, reports

Asked about Kim's images, Price told The Sun newspaper: "I don't like big bums, so that's not for me. But a lot of the young girls... they look online and you know they do airbrush pictures, when I do my photo calls they are un-airbrushed. It is what it is."

Price, who is famous for her surgically-enhanced figure, said she doesn't ask for her own images to be retouched.
"I stand there and do my press calls and say, 'This is me'. Even if people do slate me saying I'm face-tuned or whatever, so what, I can still stand there in my underwear or in next to nothing and know that I don't look different to the picture."

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