Tuesday, 25 April 2017

LOLLY POP: The new interesting 3D animated characters unveiled by Saurabh Varma

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Digital media is flourishing with leaps and bounds and #LollyPopKidsClub is coming up with two new 3D animated characters who are entering the digital space very soon. They are Lolly & Pop. These two characters are specially designed for children and they will take the level of the animated content for children in India a notch higher.

Mickey Virus Director Saurabh Varma  unveiled the 2 characters and quoted, "These two characters will focus on children based content not only in Hindi but other languages as well.

As the veteran lyricist and writer Gulzar said that India is not focusing on content and ideas, that are beneficial for children genre. There is no dearth of adult based content in India. This content will be purely children based and will be loved by all the families in India. To cater to everyone's needs this will be released in Hindi and other languages as well so that everyone understands it."
Varma added, "Lolly and Pop are based on real life characters where Lolly is a girl called Vani and Pop is a boy called Romir. We are sure they will entertain us to the core like our other Indian based animated characters Chota Bheem and Chota Chetan. These two characters will have special link to Bollywood."

Lolly Pop Kids Club spokesperson said, "All are videos are under process and developing 3D animated video series. We are planning to introduce TV series episodes, rhymes, stories and even film based out of Lolly and Pop's character. Our USP shall be making videos with a Bollywood backdrop. As we progress, we shall even introduce more characters with the script and story demand."

Saurabh Varma concluded showering the best regards to the makers of Lolly-Pop video series.

Lolly-Pop video series is presented by 'The Beginning Productions' and is produced by 'Lolly Pop Kids Club'. First introductory video shall be released very soon.

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