Wednesday, 12 April 2017

'Maatr' to be released on April 21: Raveena Tandon

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Actress #Raveena_Tandon, whose upcoming film #Maatr is facing many controversies due to an allegation on film's producer Anjum Rizvi, informed media that everything has been sorted and the film would release on April 21.

"The case has been settled and we have got the NOC. Now the movie shall release on April 21. The rumours of any more issues are fake and we have no more troubles in proceeding," said Raveena.

The actress was spotted at PVR Andheri on Tuesday morning with few other woman achievers for the promotion of an NGO called "She's Ambassador Program" which focuses on girl's welfare development."

During the event, Raveena who has done a voice over for a short film by "She's ambassador Program" said, "I have been raised by my mother in such a way that I have a lot of compassion towards young people."
"At the age of 11, I had removed a kid from the mud. Such were the situation I went through. This is the reason I started indulging into NGO projects," she added.

Congress political leader Priya Dutt concluded the event said,"When I was in parliament, nobody took interest to talk about children and women. Today I want to say that just believe in whatever you do and you can be successful like these women in the panel today."

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