Wednesday, 26 April 2017

More Green Heroes for brighter future, says Abhishek Bachchan

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Bollywood actor #Abhishek_Bachchan, who was present at the #GreenHeroesFilmFestival happening here expressed his concern over our environment and said that having more Green Heroes will ensure a bright future.

"The greatest joy after watching these wonderful films is, that if we have more such people making these films, if we have more Green Heroes like we saw today, the future is going to be bright," said Abhishek at the Green Heroes film Festival on Tuesday evening.

TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) and the US Consulate General Mumbai came together to gather stories of unsung Green Heroes from India's western region. The festival gathered young filmmakers, photographers, video editors, writers and activists who can tell powerful stories of individuals or communities and have done commendable work in protecting the environment in their neighbourhoods or beyond. 

Regarding his contribution to the organisation Abhishek said, "Me and my family have worked with TERI for several years. They do great work by not just spreading the word but also encouraging the youth."

Expressing his concern for the environment and appreciation for the filmmakers, the "Guru" actor said: "A big problem towards the environment is everybody looks at themselves as an individuals and as an individual in this vast sea of humanity we few were insignificant. But after seeing these 10 films you realize how significant that 1 per cent is."
"I congratulate each and every person who have put their dedication behind this wonderful cause. Today you have proved to many people like me and those who watch this film that every drop makes an ocean." 

"I offer whatever assistance and support I can give in a limited capacity. But after seeing these inspirational movies that you all have made today, I feel our future is very bright if we just carry on," he added.

"It's my pleasure as an actor, as a producer and as a citizen of this wonderful earth that we inhabit, to know that I share and breathe the same air as some of you great people. I want media and people like you to encourage more people to make a difference. Because as we have seen today that even a small 3-minute film can change your life. I think we should spread that word and we should do whatever we can because the future does matter and the earth does matter," the "Yuva" actor said.

Some other great faces witnessed at the event were veteran director Shyam Benegal, writer, journalist and news presenter Ravish Kumar, Pankaj Saxena and Co-Founder and Executive Director of Wizcraft International Sabbas Joseph.

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