Wednesday, 26 April 2017

No need to fuel this anymore: Sonu Nigam on azaan row

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After #Sonu_Nigam's comment on "forced religiousness" in India after being woken up by the azaan created a lot of controversy, the singer now says that there is no need to fuel the argument anymore.

Sonu on Tuesday night took to Twitter to ask people to look ahead and move on. 

"Guys, in favour of me and in opposition, let's agree to agree and disagree. No need to fuel this anymore. Look ahead and move on. Prayers," Sonu tweeted. 

Post his comment, Nigam offered to apologise if his controversial tweets were found to be 'anti-Muslim'.

The singer blew up a controversy when he lashed out at "forced religiousness" in India after being woken up by the 'azaan' (Muslim call for prayer) from a mosque near his home.
He was trolled by Muslim community members and organisations with protests and some planning to move to court against him.

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