Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Now, Yogi Adityanath 'inspired' menu at Lucknow hotel

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#Yogi_Adityanath, ever since he assumed office as the 21st Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, has not only sent shivers down the spines of the bureacuracy with his blistering work pace but has also "inspired" a luxury hotel in this city of nawabs to tailor its #vegetraian_menu in his likeness, even as it continues to serve #Mughlai_fare.

Built in splendid nawabi colonial style architecture with majestic oriental stone, pillars and intricately carved stonework, the management of the SSJ International Hotel, "inspired by the Yogi" and awe-struck by his simple living and hard work, has unveiled an innovative and diverse menu -- much of it in saffron and orange, the colours worn by the monk-Chief Minister.

Some of the signature dishes on the new menu include paneer tikka, tandoori aloo, tandoori Momos, pineapple tarts, tomato sour, tandoori achari cchaap and tandoori stuffed malai chaap, among others, Surendra Kumar Jaiswal, the founder of the hotel, told IANS.
The "new menu reflects the combination of different flavours, yet these bear the hallmark of simplicity just like the Chief Minister," he added, expressing confidence that all the dishes on offer would be "a unique culinary experience for our guests and these will be well received by the food connoisseurs coming to dine here".

And so, as the guests coming to the hotel in Charbagh are enjoying the new menu, only time will tell how far would the list of faithful go in the coming times.

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