Wednesday, 26 April 2017

What makes Bella Hadid freak out

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Model #Bella_Hadid freak outs in the middle of the night if she doesn't take off her make-up.

The 20-year-old says she sometimes sleeps with her face full of cosmetic products on, but she always wakes up feeling completely guilty that she has failed to take off the beauty products. 

She then forces herself to get up and cleanse her face before going back to bed, reports

"I do sleep in my make-up sometimes but I always wake up at 2 a.m., freaking out and feeling completely guilty about it. My body knows! So I'll get up, wash my face, moisturise and go back to sleep because I hate waking up in the morning with make-up on - it's the most horrible feeling," Hadid told Vogue magazine.
Hadid says she is prone to getting dry skin and relies on a jelly mask to help plump her skin and moisturise it.

"My face is always so dry, so it sucks up all the moisture. Then if I'm doing proper hair and make-up I'll use the Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask first. It just kind of plumps your skin up and makes it super moist and sort of tightens it ... I don't know what it does or how, but it's something incredible.

"I love doing masks and my favourite thing ever is giving my friends masks," she added.

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