Saturday, 13 May 2017

Harry Styles hires former pizza shop worker

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Singer #Harry_Styles says he met his band member #Mitch at the pizza shop he worked in and was blown away by his playing skills.

The 23-year-old met Mitch through his sound engineer and was impressed by his talent, reports

"I found a guy who is now in my band called Mitch. He was actually working in a pizza shop when I met him. And he'd never worked in a studio or anything. He is the engineer's room mate and he came down into the studio. 

"He was just an absolute monster and now he is one of my closest friends," Styles said on "The Chris Evans Breakfast Show" on Friday. 
When Evans quizzed if that was a good thing or a band thing that he is a "monster", Styles quipped: "It's a good thing. He's a monster as in a musician. At midnight he just turns."

The "Sweet creature" hitmaker released his debut self-titled solo album on Friday.
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