Saturday, 6 May 2017

Harry Styles's 'mental' moment

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Singer #Harry_Styles says that dangling from a helicopter for his debut solo single #Sign_of_the_times was mental, but he felt safe doing it.

The former One Direction singer is set to release the music video for his single next week. When the photographs emerged last month with the singer being lifted through the air by a helicopter while attached to a harness, it went viral. People called it dangerous.

The 23-year-old says that it was once in a lifetime opportunity, reports

"I can't say it was an everyday thing. They told me... yeah that's how I go to work. Go to grab my coffee, I just drop in. The usual, wahey! It was mental if I'm honest," Styles told a radio station.
Styles says that he was very secure in his harness, and wouldn't have agreed to the idea if he "didn't feel safe" doing so.

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