Saturday, 27 May 2017

Must-haves in duffel bag for vacation

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One needs to have a complete wardrobe solution and be ready for anything -- either adventurous or luxurious -- during a #vacation. Joggers and chinos are the most comfortable options, say experts.

Designer Pranav Pandey, of John Players, and Mohita Indrayan, Chief Creative Officer of 612 League, share must-haves for a duffel bag, depending on different occasions. 

* Minimalistic: The idea is to pack smart. If this is a quiet tour to be closer to nature, the idea should be to keep it minimal. Making this choice is easy. Put together a pair of cargo pants with a linen shirt and you are ready to hit the outdoors. 

* Being breezy: You can't think of beginning your journey without having summer linen bottoms in your duffel bag. Pick your shade from white to grey and team it with a half-retaining shirt which has an apple shaped hemline.

* Rough it out: If your idea of vacationing is by being adventurous, then getting lost on a trekking trail isn't a big deal for you. However, you need to be equipped for it. Sport a zip neck T-shirt with a pair of beige woven joggers.
* Hopping places: Evening is the best time to visit places and feel the music of the place. For such an outing neither do you want to look too casual nor to dress up. A dyed based shirt serves the purpose well. To add an element of spunk, don a pair of tonal motif bottoms. 

* Night life: For many, a holiday is incomplete without witnessing the nightlife. New approach to the contemporary casual wear is the perfect fit for this. Pick up a pixel pattern shirt and wear it with a khaki or grey chinos. Make it look as comfortable as possible. The idea is to stay as close to comfort as possible.

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