Sunday, 25 June 2017

Fusion food becomes a rage in India

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International influences mixed with #Indian_flavours is something that is becoming big in India, say experts.

"I feel there are a lot of things happening in the food and beverage business in India. I would say that international influences mixed with Indian flavours is something that will always be there," chef Pablo Agular said. 

Adding to it, renowned pastry chef Pooja Dhingra said: "Small and sharing plates, menus are smaller and more concise, specialised dessert stores."

Apart from the international influence to the Indian gastronomical story, chef Irfan Pabaney feels many people like to go back to the roots of Indian cuisine. 
Pabaney said: "As far as food trends are concerned, a lot of restaurants are going back to its roots... There is so much about Indian food that has thus far remained unexplored. That being said, as important as food is, the new drinking culture has set in in a big way. 

"Fabulous craft beers, spaces with good vibes are an integral part of any new offering today. Some restaurants are getting innovative with cocktails. Besides newer, fresher ingredients, an element of drama is always close at hand, be it dry ice or nitrogen infusions. "

Dhingra also pointed out that people have become "more experimental and are willing to try new things". 

Agular, Pabaney and Dhingra are part of TV show "[email protected]", aired on Colors Infinity.

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